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The Danger of Assuming When Writing Your CV!

CV Tips - Never Assume

An assumption can be a dangerous thing - How many times in your life have you assumed something, to be disappointed in the end? You know what they say:

To Assume simply makes an Ass out you and me - Ass-u-me!

We're all guilty of assuming every now and then and that's ok most of the time. However, when you assume in regards to you, your career and working abroad - it can be quite dangerous. 
Careertrotter has seen it all really, in order to help you avoid the dangers of assumption - we've come up without 4 top tips to help you avoid it completely in regards to multilingual jobs and working abroad.  

Check out your CV now and see if you have assumed much - If so, use our hot new blog to help you out: Happy Reading!

  • Speak Another Language? 

Believe it or not, but for a multilingual recruitment agency, we receive many CV from jobseekers who have not mentioned in their application or their CV what language's they speak. 
Applied for a Dutch speaking Job recently and haven't heard back yet? Sounds familiar? 
Let me tell you something - the world of recruitment is a busy one.
We can see indeed that you have applied for a particular language job but you have not stated anywhere, what languages you speak, I am not going to waste my time finding out - I will first call and contact multilingual jobseekers who have taken the time to indicate the languages they speak in their CV for me. 

  • Are 3 sentences really enough of a Description?

Whether its sales, customer service or tech support - never assume the person reading your CV knows your day-to-day (what you do in your current/previous job). They may have some understanding but why would you want to leave it up to chance? 

Here's a simple trick that I have used from day one, in my studies with Secondary School and College I always treated the examiner/ lecturer like they knew nothing and that my answers thought them everything they knew (so why would I leave anything out), it's all there and any questions that could be asked have already been answered. 

In recruitment, the more we know, the better we can help. Don't give us 2 sentences to describe a multilingual job you were in for 5 years. 

  • Sending the same CV for totally different multilingual jobs?

Even though you may be applying for fairly similar multilingual jobs, doesn't mean that your CV will work well for each of them. 
Think about it, everyone (whether they choose to admit it or not) is a little bit vain and that's ok. Apply this knowledge to the employer - Show them you know the job and that your CV is the answer - You are the one they want. All because you edited your CV to fit the multilingual job at hand. 

  • What Language did you write your CV in?

We see it all the time - Speak German - CV is written in German! 
But who's to say your recruiter speaks the language? Think about the reader, if they can't read your CV, they can't help you find a language job abroad

Top Tip - When in doubt - use the language the job description is written in! (unless the job description specifically tells you otherwise.)