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Flirting Techniques to Bring into the Interview


As the only one who doesn’t help multilingual jobseekers find a job abroad via screening and interview preparation, I get the chance to hear a number of priceless gems (recruitment & interview tips) from the recruiters here in the office on a daily basis.

One that recently caught my attention, was when a recruiter mentioned that the candidate should bring their flirting techniques into the interview. Now, this intrigued me so I divided to dive a little deeper.

I discussed it with a number of the recruiters here and it sparked a few giggles and some great tips came back.

The guys here believe that flirtation techniques can come in quite handy once used wisely as it can be a tricky slope.
                                            At what point do you stop or ease off the flirting?
Certainly, well before the interviewer is asked ‘’Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk back in again?’’


I have to say, this is a discussion I thoroughly enjoyed and one I am enjoying blogging about.
With ‘’Flirting’’ especially in the interview being such a slippery slope, I have decided to write up some quick and easy guidelines for you and your very own flirtation techniques to bring to the interview to ultimately help you grab that multilingual job abroad

First of all, as we specialise in helping multilingual speakers a job abroad, chances are the interviewer may not be native [insert language here] so the interview will be in English. That is why a little flirting and respect could help you develop a repour. This could help make both you and the interviewer feel at ease.

  • Smile

Put your best foot forward - meaning that you should kick things off in a positive manner. The best way to do so would be with a natural smile. You will come across friendly and interested. It may even help you relax too as no one can resist a smile – i.e. you’ll get a smile back…. Let’s dance! 

  • Making eye contact:

You may feel the urge to let you head tilt or stare off at a picture on the wall or possibly out the window when in an interview. This ‘’my friend’’ sends the wrong message to the interviewer – they may feel that you are not as interested as they thought – so you will want to keep eye contact the majority of the time to develop a good connection.
   If you were out at a bar (flirting) and noticed that the person of interest was looking elsewhere, wouldn’t you feel bad as if they were not interested at all? 

  • Body Language:

Body language, whether it’s out in a bar, having dinner or in an interview can all read exactly the same. Keep an eye on what your body is telling others. Are your arms crossed or are you slouching in your seat? Because this makes you look bored and unapproachable.

Are your hands kept behind your back? This may seem harmless to others but this could come across in an interview that you are nervous or possibly acting suspiciously.

Just think how you would like someone to behave around you and if you don’t like it, don’t do it! 

  • Confidence:

This can be tricky you don’t want to lack confidence or be overconfident. Our answer to this is to believe in yourself, show it through you’re the words you choose (speak calmly and a regular pace) and watch your body language. Stand/sit tall – you are good at what you do and they need to see it! 

  • Making them Feel Special: 

Everyone likes to feel special - when others are making an effort to impress them and only them (flirting techniques needed here). When you are preparing for an interview or flirting with a possible love interest you wouldn't expect the same pickup line to work each time? 

Of course, not - everyone is unique. 
So, with sentences like '', There seem to be great career progression opportunities here''
Yes, it’s a good thing to say but that's not all you are going to say, is it? 
This is where researching the company and indeed the interviewer will come in handy. Look at their website, their social media - why are they different and what is it that standouts to you about them? 

Everyone loves to hear positive things about themselves - appeal to the interviewer’s vanity when employing your carefully thought out flirting techniques and they’re sure to remember you! 

Just Remember:

Deep breath no matter what your doing - whether it's trying to pick someone up at a bar or interview for a multilingual job abroad - everyone gets nervous - deep breaths