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French Jobs Abroad - Career Opportunities Across Europe!


Speak French (on a near native level)? Are you looking for a change of scenery or perhaps the next step in your career?

Whatever your motivation to live and work abroad, Careertrotter can help you on the career side of things. We will introduce you to the company, help you (if needed) to improve your CV, provide you will all the information needed about the new city and company and then help prepare you for the interview. Last but certainly not least, it is important to know that you will never be left in the dark - we will always get back to you; i.e. Whether you were successful or not after the interview. 

This way the only thing we can't help you with is where you want to live and work - that's up to you!

In terms of narrowing it down to specific locations, we have 4 countries within Europe right now that are looking for French speakers. We've taken the liberty in giving you a short summary of what's on offer. 
Not to worry, there is certainly something for everyone - we have a wide variety of French-speaking jobs - From French entry level customer service to French account executive in software sales. There is something for everyone! 

Without further ado - here are the 4 exciting cities you could be living working in very soon:


When it comes to living and working in Ireland we have 3 great locations open to you right now, the capital city, Dublin, the second largest city - Cork and smack bang in the middle of the 2 is Westmeath
Euro is the official currency here in Ireland and everyone speaks English. The Irish have a warm and friendly atmosphere that will welcome you with open arms. Of course, the cost of living can vary between the 3 locations. Dublin is the most expensive, then Westmeath then Cork. However, all 3 cities have amazing things to do and see that you would certainly never be bored, the weather won’t always be dependable so if you are looking for sun 24/7 perhaps guess again. For more on our French Jobs in Ireland - Click today


  Not to be thought of as Ireland, Northern Ireland operates under the UK so therefore their currency is in British pounds £. The French jobs we have in Northern Ireland are in its ''capital'' - Belfast - a beautiful city that is bursting with life and excitement. It is a multilingual hub, so you can get a great multicultural environment on top of a mix of both Irish and British culture. 

As we said, Northern Ireland operates under the UK and one of the biggest benefits of this is that it is known as the cheapest city within the UK - the cost of living is much lower than Dublin or London and you get both the city and country life in one city. In terms of weather, it will be similar to the weather in the Republic of Ireland so again, sun lovers need to look elsewhere.

Interested in working in Belfast, Northern Ireland? 
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Obviously, the main language spoken here is German but you will be happy to know that many of the natives do speak some English. We’re sure you already know that Germany is one of the strongest economies in Europe, meaning career opportunities for multilingual French speakers are A+.

Weather-wise it can be hit and miss, Germany does seem to get the 4 seasons in the right order (whereas in Ireland you might get them all in one day) and public transport is the most reliable in Germany so you will never be late again!

Looking for a chance to see more of Germany?
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So, the Netherlands is calling you? No problem, in fact quite a few of our team here is native Dutch and they are from various towns here and they always have something good to say.

Of course, rent here can be as expensive as Dublin in Ireland (i.e. in Amsterdam and surrounding areas). The weather, in fact, mirrors that in Germany and the general cost of living isn’t too high that you could live quite comfortably with the jobs we have here.

Interested in working in the Netherlands?
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There you have it our top 4 locations to live and work abroad right now - Check them out, you'll be happy you did. Of course, if these countries aren't for you - check out our other French speaking jobs in Europe here.