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Writing a Cover Letter – Is there a point?


For years, the cover letter has played an important role in the job search and recruitment process, whether you were applying for a multilingual job at home or abroad. Jobseekers have always been told that the ‘Cover Letter’ was their first chance to make a good first impression, an opportunity to sell their skills and obviously, to introduce themselves.

I am sure that many (including myself) have read and re-read their cover letter before they plucked up the courage to finally click ‘’send’’. But how would you feel if I said that cover letters are a waste of time?
That’s right, you read that correctly!

It’s a shock, I know, but first let me explain:

First of all, Careertrotter is a multilingual recruitment agency. We help source and recruit multilingual speakers for companies all over Europe. When we receive a CV with a cover letter, do you really think we have the time to read through over 100’s cover letters a week?

When you apply for jobs on an agencies website, cover letters are pointless (Companies hiring on their own are a different story).

As an agency – we don’t read cover letters because we are working from the brief (the job specification) that the client has sent us. In order to save time, we go straight to your CV in order to check if you have the hard requirements we need. For anything else – we call you!

Another thing: Many multilingual jobseekers seem to do is send generic cover letters. Nothing in them that makes them stand out or even let the reader believe that they are at all interested in that particular job. If you haven’t read last week’s blog about flirting with the company – perhaps you should because it’s all about making them feel special. 

All in all, we (as a multilingual recruitment agency) would prefer to read your CV and then talk to you (person to person) over the phone.

So when registering and applying for jobs abroad -> save time and don’t bother with a cover letter – Put that extra time into the making a better CV.