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Employee Incentives – Motivating Your Workforce!


It can't come as a surprise to know that everyone needs motivation now and then. Employers all over Europe, employ various different techniques in order to motivate their workforce.
The workforce that could have a number of multilingual speakers with different backgrounds and cultural differences to their employer, so it can be difficult to keep employee incentives motivating all of your workforce.

As a multilingual recruitment agency – we’ve spoken with over 1000’s of multilingual jobseekers and Employers. We’ve heard what’s on offer and we’ve listened to what’s important. What we are here today to talk about is the common incentives both employers and employees seem to agree upon to give you, the employer a solid foundation for setting up and maintaining Employee Incentives in order to have a happy and motivated workforce 

  • Set Reasonable Targets – When setting targets with employees remember you want to set reasonable targets but also add a touch of a challenge.
  • Include All – Nothing motivates a team like getting them all together to work as one – each department working seamlessly with the other in order to reach a goal, whether it be a team-building exercise or completing a quarterly target for the company.
  • Make it something worth fighting for: Get to know your team, each employee has different various factors that motivate them, holiday days, public recognition for a job well done, Money, Job security, vouchers etc. Take the time to get to know and understand your employees, you’ll find doing so will have you reaping many many benefits.
  •  Work-Life Balance – In a world where technology is around us each minute of the day, it can be hard to get away from work when we get home. Being flexible for your team to a certain extent can help them create a strong work-life balance. Knowing that the option for flexibility is there will help motivate your employees. 
  • Never Say ''No''- We’re not saying you need to become a ‘’Yes Man/Woman’’ What we mean here is that with team meetings, idea generation groupings saying the word ‘’No’’ and halt and hinder employee creativity and problem-solving, not to mention d-motivate them. Instead of ‘’No’’, why not try, ‘’Interesting Point, can you build on that and send me a brief?’’ 
  • Be a Leader NOT a Boss – A boss generally is seen as barking orders, pushes their employees and can sometimes generate fear. Whereas a leader encourages and inspires their employees. 

    Multilingual jobseekers today are looking to be shown the way, to grow their career and build connections and therefore are on the hunt for leaders. 

There you have it, the common factors that are seen to motivate a workforce, to help you keep all happy and to build the ultimate team.