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Moving to Dublin - The Expats Guide!


The has recently published that the number of job seekers that have rejected a job offer here in Dublin has doubled in comparison to last year – with the main factor being the housing shortage here in Dublin and when it comes to moving to Dublin there is a lot of uncertainty.

Demand is high here in Dublin for renting and housing – candidates are finding it harder and harder as the days go by to find that special place they can call home – of course, it’s worrying for those who receive that exciting job offer and they can’t find accommodation. Fear Not!

We may not have that all magical solution to this housing issue for moving to Dublin but we do come with alternatives that are well worth a look. Many of our multilingual candidates have followed these guidelines and successfully moved to Dublin, found a place to stay and started a brand-new job abroad. Even if it takes that little bit longer - these top tips can help you successfully move to Dublin.

Our Top Tips for Moving to Dublin

  • Get off the beaten track:

There will be website’s that everyone knows of and uses like daft and my home. Of course, there is no problem in using these sites, just keep in mind that many people will be using them too.
Get yourself off the beaten track and try other sites and groups on social media like:

  • Airbnb
  • Homestay
  • Facebook Groups
  • Eazy Dublin

You could start off small while you are on the hunt for your new home in Dublin - take the pressure off of finding the perfect place straight away and try one of these:

  • Hostels
  • House Share
  • Rent a Room

  • Be Creative:

In your search for moving to Dublin – split the city, North & South. South Dublin is more expensive to rent than North Dublin.
Don’t forget to also check on the outskirts of Dublin like Lucan and Leixlip areas. Yes, they are further out but affordable ad easily commutable for work in Dublin.

  • Meet & Greet:

We have all heard a story or two about a friend of a friend being scammed with renting and losing so much money. There is one way to make sure this can’t happen. Do NOT pay online – meet in person. We have heard of some candidates over the years fall into this trap. Keep your money close to your chest until you meet your potential landlord.

  • Prepare Prepare Prepare:

Coming prepared can be worth its weight in Gold.


What we advise all who look to work abroad and move to Dublin is make sure you have a minimum of €2000 saving with you when you get here. Dublin is an expensive city to live in and rent is only rising and free apartments and homes to rent are going fast. The minute accommodation comes available – Landlords will favour those who have the deposit and first month’s rent up front.


If you can find a way to get yourself a written reference from your current or soon to be employed it would look good on your application and that you aren’t a flight risk.

There you have it - our top tips for those looking to move to Dublin. If you need help in finding a job here in Dublin - You know who to call 

+353 15 24 24 20