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The Best Skills to Put on Your Resume


In 2018, an A+ CV is a must if you want to land the perfect multilingual job. Development of Technology has made it quick and handy to build an appealing CV. However, have you ever thought what skills to put on your resume to make it stand out in the crowd?

Employers and recruiters receive hundreds of applications for each language job. Many have implemented artificial intelligence or other means of help sift out the best of the best. Thus, it’s important that you are aware of the most powerful job skills so you can list them on your resume.

What to put on your CV?

First of all, it's important to read the multilingual job description thoroughly in order to pick keywords so that you can adjust your CV to highlight the important skills the employer wants to see. For example, if the desired position requires administrative or technical skills and competencies, in your list of skills you should state that you possess them in the top part of your resume so they are easy to see.

The skills section together with your professional background by far the most considerable parts of your application so it should be your biggest effort as well.

Hard Skills

Of course, your resume should be based on your professional achievements and include other work skills and abilities that you’ve obtained during your education or different pieces of training and courses. These are called “hard skills”. Everything that you can learn in physical or online courses, is considered a hard skill. An example would be any kind of certificate for a course you’ve taken.

Soft Skills

Besides the teachable skill sets, you can also add personal skills. The official term for these is “soft skills”. This includes all interpersonal skills that you might have such as self-awareness, problem-solving or stress management. While still professional, these skills are harder to assess by the recruiter. Yet, they are great skills to put on your resume because they are strictly individual and tell a lot about the personal characteristics of the applicant.

If you are interested in reading more about hard and soft skills examples or what are good skills to put on your resume, have a look at the infographic below.