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Ring Ring It's Not the Job for You: Here's Why


Surprised when recruiters call you to discuss a multilingual job that doesn't match with your skills and experience?

There is a simple explanation for this and it can be found right in your CV!
Below are some telltale signs to take note of before registering with Recruitment Agencies or Job Boards.

  • The Description

You have probably been contacted by a recruiter about a particular position that could be looking for someone with more experience, is below your salary expectations or worse. 
Yes, we understand this can be frustrating but maybe you need a longer look at what information you gave to us first on your CV.

Those few bullet points you add under your company title are just as important as the title itself- leaving something out could be the reason you recieved a call for an entry level job when you are experienced and above the job at the time. 

  • The Company 

In some circumstances the name of the company you are/have worked for is clear and easy enough to understand the industry you where in. 

But for me (an international recruiter) dealing with companies all over Europe its not so easy to undestand what industry/sector you are in. Help me and others like me to fully understand your situation by adding a sentence or two about the company. 
This may seem like a silly request but for me, knowing in dvance allows me to have multilingual jobs in mind that would be interesting to you and our conversation can have a clear direction. 

  • Your Job Title

How many job titles have you read that basically mean the same thing? No disrespect or anything but ''Helpdesk'', ''Guest Service Agent'', ''Front Desk Agent''  are job titles that are all falling under the same umberella of Customer service.

This points ties in with the description you have under each job title. So again, I stress how important it is that your job title and job description are accurate and not just filler sentences.  

You may already know, us recruiters spend on average 7 seconds when reviewing CV's. If this is true (as a recruiter I cannot confirm nor deny this) wuldn't you want to make the best first impression possible? 

Not taking the time to perfect your CV for me can ultimitly mean you will miss out on great multiligual opportunites at home and abroad.