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A Dutchie’s Tale: Working Abroad

Dutchmans tale on working abroad

There are numerous benefits to working abroad. In this blog, I will give you my very own reasons why, after 1.5 years, I haven’t decided to go back to the Netherlands.


  • The travel feeling, but with career opportunities.

After a year of working and travelling in Australia, I arrived back in the Netherlands in October of  2017. It was great to see all my friends and family again after a year. 
Still, I felt the adventure was not over. After a week I decided to relocate again. Together with my girlfriend we straight on a plane to Ireland. Within two weeks we both had jobs and we had a great apartment close to Dublin city centre. 
From there it only took me 4 months to take the next step in becoming an international recruitment consultant at Careertrotter.    

Our most important objective was to retain our travelling experience. In our weekends we are now either exploring Ireland or doing city trips elsewhere in Europe. During the week we are both working on our professional career. Career progression in Ireland is not difficult you just need to know where to start. When you have a second European language you are seen as the golden ticket, especially when it comes to working with an international company.  

Many do need to realise that with no experience or little experience jobs out there are usually going to be in the customer service sector but not to worry - you can grow within the company and there will be structured career steps.

  • Working Abroad can Broaden your horizons

There are numerous advantages to working abroad. You will build an international network, you experience new cultures and improve your language skills at the same time. 
One that is not so obvious is that you will experience that there is more than just your own country. You will not bring your peanut butter sandwiches to work in Australia (like some of us Dutch cheapskates do). Instead, you will go to the lunchroom with your colleagues and leave work behind for an hour.

In Ireland, you will hardly ever meet someone at there own house. You will always meet on neutral terrain, which can be a pub or at a local GAA/football match. The word pub actually originates from a public living room. As a wise man once said: new is always better. Try to seek some change in your life and start working abroad!

  • Working Abroad and the International Allure 

Do you have experience working abroad? This will most likely be the first thing a recruiter will ask about. This makes a very good start to break the ice in the conversation. This makes your experience precious to have on your CV. It shows that you have an adventurous character and that you are not afraid for change and unforeseen situations.    

Working abroad is an experience that you can not miss. This is just a selection of the benefits it brings. Besides the countries I have named above, there are way more interesting locations where you can use your language. Have a look at our website and give me a shout if you see anything interesting on 00353 15 24 24 20