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Have you been “Ghosting” your Recruiter?


A recruiter speaks with thousands of people every month. Those committed to delivering an excellent service to both their clients and candidates, build relationships every day. In my opinion, this is the very essence of our job as recruiters.

Unfortunately, not every candidate see’s us in this light and this is where we hit a dead end sometimes. The following scenarios are what we at Careertrotter refer to as ‘’Ghosting’’. 

Ghosting basically means that a candidate contacted us once and then may as well be a ghost because we have never been able to contact them again.

Ghosting can, in fact, happen at different stages in the process - there are 4 times it has happened to me and one is just as frustrating as the last.

  • The candidate has applied for the job, I reached out to them and tried to learn all I could about their wants and needs in regards to salary, location, company and position. 

It can happen that the position the candidate applied for, wasn't suited to them based on their wants and needs so I suggest another position.

Heartbreakingly - I ring the candidate the next day as scheduled and the Ghosting began!

Whatever reason you have for not being interested, whether it be: ‘’not interested’’, ‘’I don’t like that city’’ etc. We will understand.
The aim of the game is to build a relationship with you ‘’The Candidate’’ -  to help you find the perfect match between your wishes and background along with our clients' requirements. 
By Ghosting me, I will now never understand why you would not like to continue with that job and what I could do to help you further with future positions I receive. 

  •  You decided to proceed with the job - however, in the during the process you happened to receive an offer for another job and do not tell me. You disappear on me - The Ghosting Begins

To any recruiter, not just myself - this can come across as a very unprofessional attitude. It has not only annoyed my client, it has affected my relationship with them. 
As I do not know why you began Ghosting, I cannot now advise my client on what to do next, was it something we could have negotiated for you? We’ll never know! 

  • You’ve sat the interview - Didn’t like it & won’t answer your phone - "Ghosting

If you experienced any issues or problems before or during the interview - let me (your recruiter) know about it. I have the ability to call up the hiring manager tout de suite!
Believe it or not but many companies are open to hearing what is needed in order to help you get on board but how can I know if you ghost?

  • You’ve received an offer (Happy Days) but, for whatever reason, you have decided not to accept & no longer answer emails and phone calls - GHOSTING!

We have come a long way together, we’ve built a good relationship, I and my client should now know what it is you are looking for. It would be fair to say that I have devoted quite some time to only you and fair today that it’s heartbreaking when you begin to Ghost me.

Why disappear? Why not let me know what needs to be done, is there something I could have helped with? I will never know. 
What will happen though is my client and my company will now hesitate in the future if we see you apply again as both parties will now see you as unprofessional. 

 At any of these stages, you ghosting your recruiter! Means that the recruiter and the company they work for now look unprofessional to their client and they are seen in a less attractive light!

Let’s be clear, everyone will choose the best option for themselves, and as adults both sides will understand the other decision, so don’t be afraid to tell the truth to your recruiter, if they decided to not understand you at least you did the right thing and you close a door in the best way possible. 
Create a relationship based on commitment and honest and I promise you won't regret it.