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How to Compete with the Big Boys in Multilingual Recruitment


Remember the Calimero Cartoons from back in the day? ‘’They are big and we are small, and that’s not fair’’ Sometimes our clients feel like that. 

Not all of our clients, but perhaps the smaller startup indigenous companies who have decided to begin that crucial step to grow across borders. We understand this of course. Every company was a small startup once upon a time, those companies needed help to grow too and that’s why we are here! 

  • How do they ever get some multilingual talent?

 Well, small companies have the same limited supply and competition as large well-known multinationals who have been able to throw tens of thousands of Euros a year at employer branding. 
Yet over the last number of years, we have been able to help start-ups across Europe source multilingual talent for their growing team. 

The questions still remain - how do you source that 1 German Account Manager or Dutch Inside Sales Representative? 
Below we have 4 main points to consider when recruiting multilingual talent that has proved successful for us in helping indigenous start-up companies. 

  • Small is a good thing!

What sets you apart from the big players out there like Google/Facebook/PayPal/eBay? Size! For some of our candidates - Size is everything, how their day-to-day will look, the opportunities they will have to grow their career in the next 5 years etc. 

For others, size is a big turn off, mainly because they might become a number rather than a name. For them, working for a smaller company often means more freedom and/or less strict roles. They feel they would have a bigger impact on the growth of the company and that smaller companies are often less metric driven and more so driven by a personal input. 

Getting this message across is crucial  - if you can get this message out there to the ideal job seekers for you the scoreboards will read 1-0 to you!

  • Multilingual recruitment is patience

Don’t expect to fill your jobs straight away! We are not just saying this to calm you down, this is something we strongly believe. Patience is key here, especially when you cannot compete with salary and benefits that bit multinational conglomerate can offer. What is meant for you won’t pass you by. It might just take a bit longer than you may like it to. 

  • Act fast

Some of the big companies have 4 interview rounds followed by a hiring panel. In other words, it might take 5 weeks from the first interview to offer. Be prepared to act quicker than that when needed and to be decisive. If it needs to be done interview your potential superstar before or after their work day - go the extra mile here -  it will help give you the competitive edge.

  • Be creative in your sourcing

Often the people we place in small start-ups are not the ones that might be active on the market. Yet they are looking for that job that is right for them and these candidates are really in no rush. 
You might not find these job seekers on job boards and therefore need to network. We have written a blog about this before on how to attract Multilingual Talent offline. 

Like to know more about how to recruit international talent for your company? Get In touch with Careertrotter, we are the multilingual recruitment specialist and as an agency, we have helped companies across Europe time and time again. Trust us on this!