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Looking for a Job is a Full Time Job!


Looking for a multilingual job requires a lot of energy, commitment and availability. Many have been experimenting with the stress and dedication it takes to find ‘’the job’’. With that in mind, looking for a job abroad means that there is no room for Improvisation.

When the time has come to start looking & applying for a job abroad -  you will need to take the following steps into consideration.

  • Sending CV
  • First Contact with the Recruiter
  • Interview Preparation & Company Testing
  • Waiting for Feedback
  • Getting Everything Ready to Start Your New Job


  • Sending CVs.

In my time within recruitment, I have dealt with a number of job seekers who have adopted the technique of applying for many jobs at a time. I do understand, you are actively looking for a job and to maximise your chances of a callback but is this really the best method?

I strongly recommend reading the job description before applying and ensuring that you match all/majority of the requirements. This makes mine and your life much easier. Down the line, it saves you valuable time as you won't be wasting your time talking to recruiters about jobs that don’t suit you and your expectations of salary and/or city you are looking for.

Sometimes applying for a smaller number of jobs is a much better option as you will have better control and view of what is happening when it comes to the recruitment process.

My Top Tip? Creating a document within Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets where you can list the job you’ve applied for, the date your CV was sent, whether you heard back from a recruiter & what stage of the process you are on. A methodical and organised approach will help save you time, avoid surprises as well as confusion.

  • First contact with the recruiter:

If you have sent a bunch of applications, you will obviously receive a million calls from recruiters. The thing that will be hard for you is that you won’t remember every job you applied for! We can remind you of course but all I ask is that you put yourself in my shoes - Wouldn’t you doubt the motivation of the candidate if after explaining the job the candidate still does not remember applying.
If however, you are unsure about what it is you want, I will, of course, take the time to speak with you to discuss your career options!

  • Interview preparation & Company Testing

Bear in mind looking and applying for multilingual jobs means you will need to make yourself available for interviews and testing.
If you are not working it will be easier for you but in the case, you are currently employed you might have to take few hours out of work.
It is always good to know in advance when you can be available next as we try not to bother you when you are working. Let me know straight away and I can manage my time around you.  

Don’t forget that in the interview process, there might be tests you will have to complete. Make sure you can take these tests in a timely manner, schedule a time where you know you won’t be interrupted and that you are at the top of your concentration and focus.

At Careertrotter, we help all of our candidates prepare before the big day, whether it be to help you calm your nerves, answer questions you may have before the interview and the interview preparation itself.

Believe me, this makes a real difference, our rate of success after interview preparation shows that a candidate well prepared has a higher chance than a direct candidate. We never give you the answers we just listen to what you have to say and tell you whether or not it would be the right thing to say and help you structure your answers. I may even suggest to my candidates that their answers are not good enough and that more research on the company is needed so I then reschedule a call to run through things again.

  • Waiting for feedback

You’ve gone through it all! You did your best and now it’s time for the worst part of the recruitment process: The Waiting Game!

While waiting, I ask my candidates to stay in touch with me, to let me know if they are in process with other recruiters and companies, if the company I am helping them with has been in contact etc.

I greatly appreciate it when my candidates contact me to check in and tell me how they are getting on - believe me it doesn’t bother me. I strongly believe in the personal touch.

  • Getting everything ready to start your new job.

The GOOD NEWS has arrived!!!! You are hired and you are delighted the new challenge and new life is in front of you and you are full of excitement, a bit stressed by the unknown but guess what your faithful recruiter is still here for you!