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Multilingual Jobs - Do you actually speak the Language?


As the working world grow more and more internationally minded, language jobs increase too.

The issue many in the multilingual recruitment world are having now is that those applying for these language jobs may not speak the language at the required level for their client. 

When we post a language job online, we may title the job as:

‘’German Lead Generation Agent - Dublin’’

What we are looking for in terms of language requirements is a near-native level of German and a good level of English. WHY?

Simply put, the language of business is English and the vast majority of our clients prefer to deal with and interview in English! So, the candidates that we send are then invited to sit a language assessment (both in English and the required language) by the client.
Funny Fact - Many seem to pass the English test and fail in their native language!

What many job seekers seem to forget is that what we are looking for is a business level (a near-native level) in the languages we are recruiting for. You will need to know more than asking for directions to the nearest train station or ordering a 3-course meal. 

The day-to-day in a multilingual job will include helping customers with delivery issues, troubleshooting technical issues and even resolving complaints etc. 
As customers and business clients are becoming more and more demanding - you will need to be able and comfortable to deal with them without hesitation and/or spelling and grammar mistakes! 

This is why our screening process involves some preliminary language checks - How do we do that? 

Well, we like to suddenly switch from English to the desired language in question and this could happen mid-sentence.
If you can do the same, we are happy to move to the next stage of the recruitment process.

However, in our 8 years, we have heard the following responses to our language checks that immediately turn into a RED FLAG for us!

  • Ummmm I need time to prepare!

Fair enough - but practice before you apply for the job then. 
If we didn’t test and trusted your word, that could create a rather embarrassing situation for all involved. We look bad to our client and you will be met with silence during your first phone interview. 

Not forgetting that once you apply for a job with a client of ours - company policy states that you won’t be able to apply again for another 6-12 months. 

  • Using English for the words you don’t know

Nice try! But we are not assessing your English - RED FLAG!

  • I can speak the Language but need Google translate to write

So what you are saying is that for every business email you receive, you will put it into Google Translate first and then do the same for your responses? - RED FLAG

No one is perfect, we all make mistakes every now and then when it comes to spelling and grammar. As long as it happens once in a while - that’s not a problem.

So if you have worked using your language skills before, grew up using those skills or even have lived in the country where you would use those language skills - your multilingual skills should have no issue! 

Confident about your language skills?

Pop us a call today or check out what’s available abroad on our language jobs search page now!