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A CV & the Way it Should Be! Free Template Inside

FREE CV template

As a recruiter, I come across an average of 100 CV’s per day. Sometimes I see the most amazing CV’s of intricate design and beautiful layouts. One more recently had flowers blooming from the corner of the page that even stopped my colleagues in their tracks as they walked past my desk. 
Other times I may receive an email with ‘’I need Job, you help?’’ 

Of course, some may argue that I am set in my ways and that times have changed, that a decorative CV is eye-catching and does the job. When I was in college I was told to describe everything I have done in such detail by a professor of mine but I’ll bet my professor didn’t have to read 100 CV’s every day. 

My best advice (trust me, It’s my job to know this) is to keep it short, adding specific keywords that are relevant to your industry. 

  • Preferably 1 page (maximum 2)
  • No pictures - but if you insist make sure its professional - I do not want to see 1 more beach body ready CV picture.
  • Some of the other not so professional pictures I have received are those showing off at a nightclub or the candidates with a pint in his hand (made me laugh but Ehem… No). 

As you are applying for a multilingual job I would like to know exactly what languages you speak. You can add them in your Education section. Please make sure you only add languages in which you can read and write on a professional level.

This means native or near native. I can appreciate that you are able to order a beer in another language, however, if this is the only words you know - please do not put it on your CV - You need to be confident enough to be able to discuss on a business level with your colleagues, customers and employers within the job. 

Remember: Companies are looking for near native/native speakers in multilingual skills as well as a near native level of English.

Below are my top tips for creating a CV & a handy CV Template for you to download to get started:

Contact Details: 
Phone number
E-mail address
Skype ID

This is all I need. Unfortunately, I have received CV's where people have the number of children they have, how many divorces they’ve gone through (no thank you).

Work Experience:

In this part write your most recent work experience. Make sure the most relevant one appears first and work your way backwards.  Depending on how long you are on the market, I would suggest the 5 most recent jobs or the last 10 years. Companies are not interested in what you did before the millennium unless it is really relevant to the position. 

Together with the job mention the start and end date - I would like to see Month and Year.

Below the position given in bullet points what your responsibilities and tasks were while working with that specific Company. Between 3 and 5 points would be amazing. No whole stories, you will get the time to do that during your interview. Don’t forget to use specific keywords to draw the attention of API’s and recruiters.


Very important part because we have a diversity of jobs from entry level to more senior level jobs. In other words, we would have jobs for someone just out of high school without further education but also for someone with a master and 5 years of experience not forgetting everybody in between. 

Include what you studied, where and when. No need to tell us who was your favourite teacher and who you dated during your study.

In order to make my life and indeed your’s here is a quick and easy Careertrotter CV template to get you on the right track.