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Are you really ready to go work abroad?


I work with many multilingual candidates each day and a recurring issue I face is that some really aren’t 100% ready to go abroad. With this in mind, I’ve compiled a number of factors you will need to address before making the move to go abroad. 

If you think about it, many companies won’t pay you your first day and if you are being paid on a monthly basis, you are going to have to wait. For some companies, payday is dependant on when you started the job - if you started within the 2nd week of a month you might have to wait until the next month for the payday. 

So make sure when going to work abroad (whatever the country) that you have the minimum amount to help you through your first month. Your savings should be able to cover you for:

  • Deposit on rented accommodation and the 1st month's rent
  • Possibly furniture for your new home
  • TV License
  • Water
  • Internet 
  • Heating etc.
  • Food and drink
  • Transport 

The majority of the companies we work with offer some sort of relocation package (2 weeks to 1-month accommodation & possibly paying for your flight). This makes working abroad, that little bit easier. 
It is important to keep in mind that once the paid accommodation time has expired you need to find your own ASAP. My top tip would be to search for your own place while you are still staying in the place the company is paying for.

Many candidates, don’t seem to realise that companies can also offer relocation assistance in the form of a cash payment - but do keep in mind, this money is taxable!

Finding a Home to Call Your Own!

First off, you will need to do your research, there is no getting away from this.

  • Cost of living in the city the company is based and the surrounding towns - perhaps it may be cheaper to rent?

Looking further out might leave you with cheaper rent but you will have to keep in mind and research about public transport if you do not plan on driving a car.

  • Are you going to push to get a place for yourself or are you ok with sharing with others?

When you first go abroad, it can be quite lonely to live alone. I myself would recommend renting with others first and after a while (if you want to) looking for your own place.

Renting with others helps you create a new network of friends and a support circle to help you get around in your new city abroad.

  • What kind of deposit will I be asked for?

In some countries like Ireland - you will be asked for your first month's rent and a deposit upfront (deposit is the same amount as rent) whereas in other countries you could be asked for 2 months rent and a deposit so you need to make sure you can afford this.