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9 Crucial Skills a Recruiter Needs!

Recruitment Team - Team Gathering

We’re hiring! Many may know that we are looking to grow our Recruitment Team here at Careertrotter. We have a great team that is doing some amazing work but, there is room for more of course. 

There are many reasons why you should become a Recruitment Consultant but not everyone has the natural born instincts a Recruiter should have. 

After a few rollercoaster years myself, I have found great balance and have become the Team lead of the Recruitment team here - in my time I can clearly see that these are the characteristics you should possess and show us in the interview stage. 

  • Energy:

Take your vitamins on the morning, this role is not for the faint-hearted. You can expect a certain intensity in this role as you have to deal with multiple factors all at the same time. Variety brings excitement - recruitment certainly isn’t boring. 

  • Multitasking:

Running from one priority to another! In recruitment - you will have candidates, clients and colleagues looking for a piece of you - if you are a natural born multitasker then you will do well here.

  • Resilience:

There is a lot of up’s and down in our business. Sometimes you can have the feeling nothing is working, this is when your natural resilience needs to kick in to allow you to keep going and the sun will shine again. As I often say to my team: never give up, it’s going to pay!

  • Decision maker:

Cutthroat decision makers are always highly sought after within my team. You speak to so many candidates on a daily basis - there is no time for hesitation - you need to make the call! Candidate and Clients rely on your expertise for guidance and advice - how sloppy does it look to hear ‘’Ehh, emmm uhhh’’ over the phone? Would you trust me with your career?

  • A good listener:

Listening - you may think it cliche but if you don’t listen up you will miss something vital! If you hear a ‘’Maybe’’ in the conversation - it means the candidate has doubts but if you weren't listening you could have missed this vital snip of information. 

  • Flexibility:

You will work with people from different backgrounds, who speak different languages and have different schedules too. You need to be flexible here, whether it be starting lunch later because the candidate is only free between 1:00 - 1:30 or it could mean speaking slower because the candidate is not a native speaker etc. 

  • Patience:

Recruitment is sometimes - most of the time, a waiting game: You will be waiting for client feedback, waiting for the candidates to do this or to do that and waiting on the account manager in the agency to chase the client.

The majority of the recruitment process takes time (some more than others) depending on the client you will be dealing with.

Patience and understanding are needed as a Recruiter - we’re all human at the end of the day - when it’s a big decision like working abroad - not everyone is going to be as ready as you or I.

  • Born Seller:

As a Recruitment consultant - your day-to-day won’t consist of just candidate interaction. 

You will need to grow your client base in order to have an option for your candidates in various countries and companies. 

So while you are trying to sell the company, the city and the job to the candidate, you are also selling the recruitment agency and the candidate to current and new clients. 

  • Confidence:

 Confidence is key - you will need to be confident in your approach or at least appear confident (Fake it till you make it). If not, clients, candidates and colleagues may not feel comfortable with your advice. 

Self-confidence can be of great help when you are hitting a rough patch and placements are looking scarce - everyone always climbs right back out of that hole - but believe you want self-confidence with you in the foxhole.

WARNING: Self-confidence is not to be confused with being pretentious - we do not accept anyone looking down on others here! 
Self-confidence is encouraged but pretentiousness is stamped out! 

Whether you have the basics of these characteristics or none at all - we will help train you in and support you where needed. 

If you have the right attitude and a strong work ethic - you will go far here.