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Social Media Recruitment: Get on Board!

Social Media Recruitment - Get on Board - Blog

We are well and truly into 2019 now and have dove head first into our survey results (completed near the end of 2018) and any suspicions we had have been confirmed. Social media is fast becoming an important source of international recruitment. It’s no longer a competitive advantage to be on social media within the recruitment world - The channels are saturated! 

It’s a candidate driven market these days and we need to get on board with where they are hanging out online. We can see that 60% of our respondents spend the majority of their job search time on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. 
There is very little difference in the time spent on job boards (61%) and those who go direct to company websites (59%). How people search for jobs today has changed and we need to make sure we are present and active on as many channels as possible.

Gone are the day's organisations could print up a position in the local newspaper, send letters to the CV’s that were piling up on their desk or meet up at a formal networking event. 

The recruitment world is changing and the more international we get, the more connected we become to one another. The newspaper is an online job boards, the desk of CV’s is a trusty recruitment agency and networking events are less formal and more planned right down to the last cocktail stick. 

From our respondents, we can see that social media channels are the top source for where candidates found their current position (18%), job boards (15%) coming in second and recruitment agencies (14%) third. 
It is because of statistics like this that social media is being used more and more as a recruitment tool according to the Brighton School of Business and Management.

In fact, they have found that over 90% of recruiters use or possibly plan to use social media in their recruitment efforts and on a positive note, 78% of those recruiters have made a hire via social media. 

In support of the growing trend of using social media as a recruitment tool, we can see a positive increase in our very own placements made from Social Media channels. 

It is due to this that Social Media have become a vital source to the Careertrotter team, not only a source for placements but for a chance for us to:

Gain a deeper knowledge of the candidates we screen and speak with

  • To reach the passive candidate

  • Build our own personal company brand

  • Grow website traffic to our 4 websites

  • Opens up the pathway for easy referrals. 

The possibilities are endless and we've only cracked the surface on what social media can offer the recruitment world.