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Why Warmer Climates Attract International Talent

Attracting International Talent to warmer Climates

If we are to be perfectly honest, there is very little selling to be done when we are talking to candidates about working for a client of ours in a warmer climate. The location sells itself! 

What with the lower cost of living, the better quality of life and the overall experience of diving into a new and exciting culture different to that of Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland. 

Careertrotter questioned near 600 multilingual speakers in 2018 and  20%  of our respondents went abroad to warmer climates such as:

  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Malta
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • France

The vast majority of those who went to the sun where Dutch (40%), French (16%) and German (14%) speakers and these are languages that are highly sought after throughout Europe. 

It’s interesting to see why Europe’s most sought after languages are heading towards a warmer climate. 

When we compare the main motivating factors of those who speak the same languages that head towards German, Ireland and the UK, we can almost see a flip in the results.
Career opportunities (61%), the culture (26%) and adventure (25%) etc where the top 3 reasons they went there.

Many would believe that when you go abroad to a hot country, you are going for your gap year, for a break or simply for a holiday. 
Fortunately, this is not the case, we can see that those who joined the warmer climate club have a skilled background in areas such as Customer Service/Retail/Hospitality (55%), Management (27%), Sales (25%) and Marketing (19%) and near 50% of all respondents have a third level, Bachelors Degree. 

However, the figures show that once they go abroad there is the drop off in career prospects as they are mainly working in Customer Service (23%), Admin (6.6%), IT Support (6%), Marketing (6%) and Recruitment (5%). The majority are currently working in non-office based positions (32%). Thus backing up the fact that ‘’lack of career opportunities’’ is the biggest disadvantage of living and working in warmer climates. 

This could suggest that while they go abroad for climate, food and culture, the career opportunities are not meeting them halfway, opening up the discussion to room for growth of international companies setting up in a warmer climate too. 

Taking some poetic license here with ’If you can’t get them, Join them’’

We can see that when it comes to looking for a job many of the respondents search via Social Media (67%), searching directly on company websites (64%), look on job boards (59%) and working with recruitment agencies (39%). 
Of course, if you want really attract them towards your positions, we can see the main decision factors they look for are:

  • Salary
  • Location
  • Job Description 
  • Company Culture 
  • Working Hours 
  • Company Reputation 

Knowing these in advance can help both us and you when it comes to advertising the company, writing the job description and how much we truly need to promote particular factors when recruiting towards specific locations.