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Serious About a Sales Career? There is No Better Place Than Dublin!

Sales Career Advice - Work in Dublin

2006 was when Recruitment and I joined forces and back then Xerox, Yahoo, American Express and Lufthansa where the biggest player in multilingual while Google was still establishing itself. 

Jump forward 13 years and Dublin’s employment landscape has changed dramatically. 
Google is now the big dog along with Microsoft and a vast number of companies have had to continue to scale their EMEA operations from Dublin in order to keep up with the big boys out there.
As a result, this has changed everything for those looking to combine their language skills with a promising sales career. 

In 2008, working as an Account Executive (Account Manager back then) with around 3+ years experience in software sales meant they could earn around €70K OTE. 
Whereas an entry level Business Development Representative (BDR) would earn €28K with a €10K bonus. It was normal for a BDR to stay 15-20 months before moving on/being promoted to a Junior Deal Closer then. 

2019 is where has changed. Recently, I had lunch with Dutch-speaking past candidate I had placed 2.5 years ago in Dublin and heard of the growth they had experienced within the sales sector. Having started as a BDR earning around €30K with the €12K bonus they have jumped to a salary of €110K OTE. In 2.5 years they were able to grow from €42K to €110K (Impressive). It’s extremely rare to see this growth in your home country. 

Why is that? 

Firstly, more and more companies are using Dublin as their springboard into Europe, not just because of the lower corporation tax as you may think. Think about it, all the skills of scaling into Europe and the highly trained talent is here in Dublin. 

‘’Build it and they will come’’ - Field of Dreams

Look at the number of Sales Managers in Dublin currently working on the EMEA sales hype, they have learned their trade here with another company and are now helping the next wave of sales potentials scale further in Europe. 

However, these companies obviously need multilingual talent and we can see that this talent pool is not as large as we would have hoped. 
This is why the likes of the IDA and Failte Ireland are driving the development and branding of Ireland to a whole new level to entice more international talent to Dublin and other counties. 

Dublin, of course, may not be their home forever, the risk with multilingual talent is that they may not decide to settle down here unless they fall for a local  (like myself). This means the turnover of multilingual talent is higher than any other skill out there at the moment as they may move back home after several years abroad. Due to this, requirements for Sales positions back in their home country might have harder barriers of entry because they are looking for those who went abroad to join them with their global experience behind them. 

The downside to this? - Going Back Home!

Last year I spoke with another Dutch candidate I had placed. They did not have a degree but they did have B2B Sales potential and I had advised that they start with an entry level Sales job here in Ireland first, build up a strong track record of hitting targets and from there they can move up. 
They started on €24K with a €3K bonus and after 4 years they are where on €100K OTE. Unfortunately, this candidate has to move back to the Netherlands for personal reasons and as they live in an area not so popular for software sales companies to base themselves so they have had to take a significant decrease. 

Both candidates here showed significant potential for a sales career when I spoke to them all those years ago. However, hand on heart, I would say neither of them would have seen this growth if they were to have stayed in their home country. 
They would have had to wait longer for promotions as more experience would have been required and of course, the competition would have been fierce. 

To anyone out there looking to swim with the big fish in Sales - Change the sea you are swimming in & come to Dublin. The possibilities are endless!