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Backpacking Vs Working Abroad?

Backpacking V's Working Abroad

It’s that time of year again, the sun is shining, the exams are over and you’ve just said goodbye to the University/College that housed for the last few years. 
You are now thinking it is time to let off some steam, travel the globe, see if you will be the one to discover the 8th wonder of the world and all that jazz? 

No problem there, we think it’s a great idea. But what if you could do this and gain some valuable experience at the same time? 

No more do you need to juggle career and adventure, you can have it all with our help here at Careertrotter. 
Still not convinced? Let’s look deeper, shall we? 

Backpacking for the Year:

Sounds fantastic, the world is at your feet and you are not tied to anything. This is your chance to do what you like! 
Of course, this is something you will have to have planned well in advance for as this can be an expensive exploration. You need to think of plane tickets, accommodation, food, entertainment and more. 

To go backpacking for the year you will more than likely need up to €10,000+. It’s a hard truth to swallow we know, so unless you started saving 2 years ago for this, it’s going to be difficult. 

Backpacking can be a little lonely at times (unless you like some me time) because you are not always able to find a travel buddy.
Now, don’t get me wrong, backpacking is amazing. I myself have travelled through Asia for a few months, Australia for a bit and Brazil again too - you could say I am a Globetrotter! 

There is nothing wrong with backpacking, I loved my time doing it, the only thing that bothered me was the trade-off I had to make for my career. If I was backpacking, I wasn’t able to dive into the workplace and gain the experience needed to get ahead. 

Why should you have to choose between the two? You shouldn’t that's right! 

This is why working abroad is so exciting and it also saves your poor wallet! 

Working Abroad for the Year:

Working abroad gives you the opportunity to discover a whole new country, it’s culture, people and food while you are gaining valuable experience at the same time. 

There are many international companies around Europe who are looking for multilingual speakers to join their Customer Service, IT, Admin and/or Sales teams. You can start off in entry-level and grow your way up the ladder while exploring the country or city you are in. 

Due to the fact that you will more than likely speak English plus another European language, you will not be alone for long as you will be placed in a team of those who speak the same language as you so that you can learn and grow as a team in comfort. 

Future employers will see this experience and jump at the chance to have you on their team. Working abroad shows them that you are independent and can now adapt quickly to different cultures having immersed yourself in them. 

Working abroad looks much better on your CV then a year of backpacking can. It adds real value as you acquire hard skills that employers are interested in such as communications, adaptability and cultural sensitivity. 

You may not get to trot across the globe as quickly as you had hoped but isn’t the chance to grow both personally and professionally an amazing benefit & gift to your future self?

You could now say you are a Careertrotter!