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Brexit? Could Working in Ireland be your Plan B?

Brexit - Work in Ireland be your Plan B

It’s no secret, Europe is inundated with news about Brexit. To be honest, we’ve had quite enough of this, haven’t you? 
For all of the negotiations and discussions that have been had with Brexit there is still quite a bit of uncertainty surrounding EU citizens and what their rights will be in the UK once Brexit actually goes through. 

Working in international recruitment means we are faced with questions over Brexit often from both our clients and candidates. It can be frustrating not having a clear answer for them. 
What we have recommended is for our candidates to think of a possible plan B should Brexit end with a negative effect on them living and working in the UK. 

What could a possible Plan B look like you ask? 

Well, thanks to research carried out by our Marketing team near the end of last year we have come up with the perfect solution. Live and work in Ireland! 
Ireland is just 1hour 15mins flight away from the UK. It’s quicker to get from London to Dublin than it is to go from London to Manchester (4 hours drive). 

We could see last year after surveying near 600 multilingual speakers that Ireland and the UK where in the top 5 locations to live and work abroad. 
Interestingly enough when we compared the main reasons as to why people chose Ireland and the UK they were pretty similar.

Brexit & the uncertainty have you worried?  Have you thought about living & working across the pond here in Ireland? Equal career opportunities & more.

We can see that the number one reason why expats are deciding to go to these two countries is because of the career opportunities open to them there. This is not surprising when you think of it. Both the UK and Ireland are home to many International companies which results in an increase in career opportunities open to multilingual speakers. Thanks to the Irish Times we can see that Dublin in Ireland is the main ‘Brexodus’ location for international companies to set up. 

Giants such as Barclays, XL Insurance and Bupa are set to move their operations from the UK to Dublin post-Brexit, which in turn will open up further career opportunities here in Ireland.

When you think of it, Ireland isn’t so different from the experience you are looking for when it comes to living and working in the UK. 

  • Both countries are English speaking Countries
  • Both countries have similar climates
  • Both have growing economies 

Where Ireland differs from the UK is the fact that they are an EU member state that you can travel to freedom to live and work without any hassle. Ireland’s currency is the Euro so you won’t have to worry about those pesky conversion rates and Ireland is well known for its friendly natives. A survey from Internations in 2018 found that Ireland was 36th in the list of the friendliest countries in the world whereas the UK came in 56th. 
Our favourite part of living and working in Ireland is that you don’t have all the possible employment opportunities in the capital city like London. 

Yes, many are in Dublin but they are spread out throughout the country, like in Cork, Galway, Limerick and more. Where the cost and quality of living are far less expensive. 

Ireland is known for its cosy atmosphere so it will be easy for you to pack up, say goodbye to the UK and settle in here - you’ll call Ireland home in no time. 
See for yourself!