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Working Abroad: What's for Dinner?

Working Abroad: What's for Dinner?

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach! But what about the way to a promising career? 
Should we follow the growls of our insatiable organ and work abroad in countries where we know we will love the local cuisine? 

Well, we can’t answer that one for you, but we can give you some more information on the delicious food we have encountered on our travels abroad that might help you make your decision. 

You might want to grab a snack (or a napkin) while reading this article. 

Follow us on our culinary journey through some of our favourite European countries. You never know, you may find your next dream location and your path to a promising career or perhaps your next dinner idea. The possibilities are endless! 


Well known for its multicultural vibe (especially in Dublin & Cork) due to some of the leading international companies heading up their operations here. Ireland is one place that your career would blossom (as well as your waistline if you’re not careful). 


Sun, Sand, Sea, career, food - what more could you ask for? While Portugal was seen as a holiday destination, it is now fast becoming home to many international BPO’s who are here to help you enter the workplace and grow your career.


Poland is a strong up and coming country within Europe that we believe you should keep your eye on. Not just for mouth-watering dishes, Poland is fast becoming a great location for an international career.


With the vast expanse of Germany, there are certainly many delicacies to try and love as well as companies looking for international talent. Both your career and your stomach would be happy here. 


Home to the Gods it is believed and we think they are to be true based on the food here in Greece. Only the Gods could think of such heavenly combinations. While enjoying Baklava, you could be juicing up your CV so that you too could live and work in Greece to enjoy these sumptuous delicacies. 

There you have it, some of our favourite sweet and savoury treats across Europe along with some great locations for an international experience. 

Whether you want to know more about what we thought of some of these global culinary delights or about the multilingual jobs in those countries - Contact us today!