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5 Reasons Why a Sales Career is the Way to Go

Following a Sales Career Path

''Sales'' let's be honest, the term can have a negative feel to it. Many avoid diving into sales because they feel it can be a very cut-throat sport. 
Of course, it isn't for everyone and we totally understand this. However, when you really think about it, there is a little sales in everything we do:

  • In work when you are trying to get your boss or your fellow colleagues to ''buy-in'' to an idea you have - you are selling.
  • In Marketing, when you are looking for people to follow, like and engage with your brand you are selling your story
  • In Customer Service, when you are helping customers with an issue, a query or a complaint with the service/product you offer and you help and guide them with a solution - you could be recommending another product/service that better fits their needs - you are selling. 

Now, seeing this doesn't it make ''Sales'' sound a lot less scary? 

Yes? No?

Well, if you are still not sold on the idea of Sales as a viable career option maybe our top 5 compelling reasons will change your mind... 

 The Income

This is more than likely the number 1 reason many decide to work in Sales. The more you sell, the more you earn. 
However, the reason many choose to stay and grow with the Sales sector is due to the fact that Sales is a performance-based career and therefore, an ideal career option for the competitive players out there. 


Companies need to drive sales in order to grow and survive so it is clear to see why there is always a high demand for Sales professionals, whether it's an entry-level business development representatives to the Senior Account Executives
There is always a strong demand for Sales professionals. It's great, you are always sought after (once you are successful in Sales of course). 


As long as you show promise and hit the targets set, development is Sales can be pretty quick.
We work with companies that train in and develop the entry-level Business Development Representatives and in as little as 12 months you could see a promotion. 
The development ladder in Sales is full of possibilities and to top it off - the further you grow the more you earn.


No day in Sales is the same! You will have the chance to work and interact with new people, clients. customers and face new challenges on a regular basis. Sales will certainly never bore you. 

Work Anywhere 

Due to the fact that Salespeople are in such demand from one end of the year to the next in a variety of different sectors (software, fashion, food/drink, services) in many different cities across the world. The option to live and work abroad is always open to you. 

Beginning to like the sounds of a Sales Career? Would you like to know more about what is open to you across Europe? Feel free to Register with us (Free) & pop us a call on +353 15 24 24 20.