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Relocation Package affects 1 in every 2 job offers

Relocation Package

Christopher Columbus didn't have a clue where he was going to end up. Jack "worked hard" to get on board of the Titanic, The Sullivan Family (In America) jump ship from Ireland to New York in pursuit of a dream. There are many stories out there of hardships our main protagonists face in the before, during and after when moving to a country in the old days. 
Christopher looking to cement his glory in finding the quickest route from Asia from Europe, Jack a struggling artist and Johnny Sullivan an amateur actor fighting for screen time.

What can we see from the past is that travel is involved in all stories and if we fast forward to today’s world, we in the Recruitment sector can that a relocation package is crucial when you are looking for international talent to come to you.

At Careertrotter we have seen relocation support in all shapes and sizes and learned there is no package that is ideal for every candidate, client or country. 
Thankfully, we have carried out some in-depth research into the humble relocation package and thanks to the help of more than 200 helpful multilingual candidates who have experience in relocating all over Europe we can share these insights with you from their perspectives. 

Of the more than 200 respondents 68% were well briefed on the relocation package, 58% understood the paperwork that needed to be done locally and 55% felt well informed on the local housing situation. 

 Upon arrival, 40% had difficulties securing short time accommodation and 42% with getting their paperwork such as tax number and bank account sorted.  44% of all surveyed stated that securing long term housing was an issue. 

While most issues were along securing long term accommodation, 60% of all respondents felt short term accommodation and support around paperwork are the most important aspects of a good relocation package. The vast majority of respondents received short term accommodation ranging from 1 to 4 weeks.

85% of all respondents stated that a relocation package is helpful in a move to work abroad. 47% have rejected jobs due to the lack of or limited relocation packages. For 51% it has played a role in the decision process.

While as an international recruitment agency we always highlight to candidates that this is a short-term benefit. We have seen candidates accept job offers with lower salaries in comparison to other offers purely because the relocation package was longer or of higher value. 
Based on our research and industry experience there is no ’'one-size-fits-all’’ relocation package. That said 1 in 2 offers is influenced by the relocation package.

Want to know how to build a relocation package? Feel free to pop us a call, we are happy to help with the sourcing, recruitment and formation of your relocation packages.