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4 Crucial Factors Missing From Your Sales CV

Sales CV Tips - Working Abroad

Lately, as I have moved into sales recruitment, I get the chance to speak on a daily basis with a number of entry-level sales professionals with between 1 to 5 years’ experience to the more season professionals with 10+ years under their belts. 

While their level of experience defines them, these various candidates within the Sales sector, have a number of similarities that could be letting them down: 

  • The fact that their CV is written poorly
  • Their CV is missing content & vital information

These are common factors I see working in Sales Recruitment as Sales professionals are used to being headhunted throughout the duration of their career. Why should they take the time to write and develop a CV?
What if you are being headhunted by the wrong company, asked to work in the wrong industry? Would you like to be able to call the shots? Creating the right CV allows you to do so!

In the Recruitment world, we know that a CV may not be the best indication of someone skills and personality (some had a friend write it up and others may have paid for a service to create theirs) and that is why here in Trotter central we have a saying ''When in doubt, Call!''. 

If I didn't adopt this way of thinking I would never have found some amazing candidates with unique skills and experiences. If I had only followed their CV, I would never have called them and they would not be sitting in their new sales job right now.  

The real question here is, ''What do I do when applying for Sales Jobs with others?''. Many other recruiters and hiring managers don't do what we do here and your CV could be being sent to the trash (sorry it could be true). So to help make my life and the lives of others easier I have compiled 4 of the most crucial factors to take into account before applying for those sales jobs abroad. 


First things first, keep in mind that many companies receive a lot of applications for their jobs that is just isn't viable to sit and read each one. This is where the use of AI (software with built-in algorithms) sieves through all of the applications CV's looking for specific keywords that will match to the job advertised. 

Therefore, if the right keywords are not in your CV, the AI will reject the CV in a matter of seconds and you never got your chance. 
Smaller companies may not have the AI but they will still want to see the right keywords in your CV. They may even use the Ctrl+F function to search for specific keywords (I do sometimes). 

Trotter Tip: Read the job description and make your CV seem like the answer to their prayers.

  • Length:

You CV should be no longer than 2 pages. You only want the most relevant information here that is also relevant to the job you are applying for.  

  • Layout:

Make sure your CV's appearance is neat, all the information is easy to read. There is no scattered information that is difficult to read. 

  • Work Experience:

You should have 4 to 5 bullet points explaining each past/current work experience. Dates should be clearly indicated containing months and years. No gaps. If there are any gaps in your experience - mention it and say why.

  • Keywords/Language:

Use keywords relevant to the job.  When applying to sales jobs, your CV should contain words like ''outbound calls'', ''cold-calling'', ''average deal size'', ''targets'', ''results'', ''achievements'', etc. and most important USE NUMBERS! 

Basically, just like you would be selling your Company's products and/or services to your own customers - imagine you are the product/service and sell it just as hard. You Sell You!

Of course, if you are still having any doubts - feel free to register with us today - pop me a call (Diana) and we can review your sales CV together.