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Our New Year's Resolution - Going Green

Careertrotter is going Green - Eco Friendly

2019 seems to be the year that climate change hit home to a number of people across the world. 

With the lungs of the world ablaze, the extinction rebellion going global (with fierce backing from a number of A list celebrities) and the heart-wrenching speech of Greta Thunberg (the 16 year old Swedish student) how can the crisis of climate change not hit like a tonne of bricks?

Now, Rome wasn't built in a day and the world won't be saved with yet another article written about it (actions talk). Knowledge is power, so this year we going to push ''Green'' as hard as we can for ourselves and those around us.

Careertrotter's New Year's Resolution is to become eco-friendly in everything we do. 

For those out there unsure on how to do so themselves, we have a number of ways Careertrotter will be going green below and we hope it guides you and others in the right direction - The Green Direction! 

  • Going Digital - Not Physical 

​You see it everywhere -  with the advancement of technology we are becoming less and less dependant on physical attributes such as pens, paper, chalk, whiteboard markers etc. 

It's 2020, CV's are sent via email, not by post, recruiters communicate outwardly within a myriad of channels (Phone/Webchat/Email/Watsapp etc), not face to face (where you would need a car to commute). We should have no problem is shedding the physical and going digital. 

It's certainly easier said than done and this is why the last 6 months before the new year we had run a number of initiatives to prompt the team to go green and to get used to the ''going digital'' policy that has rolled out since January 1st. 

What we mean here is that all Diaries are gone - we use Google Calendar, all notebooks are gone, we use our own CRM system and Google Docs and any other needs for a printer in the office is based on important circumstances. 

  • Encouraging a Greener Commute 

A number of our team members don't live int he city centre where we are based --some live over an hour away and face a long commute to work. 

Of course, we can understand the comfort of using your car but we will be trying to encourage a greener commute to all staff via Tax saver tickets.

Each member, should they wish to, can work with us on getting their tax saver ticket to use public transport to get to work. So far, we have 90% of our office is using public transport - a statistic we are delighted to shout out to the world. ​​

  • Recycling - Make it Fun

Working in an international office can have it's up and downs - Recycling can be one of them! 
We have found that getting the team to recycle correctly can be a challenge as the way they would have recycled in their home country would be different to here in Ireland. 

For example in the Netherlands, the plastic wrapping around a 6 pack of coke is able to be recycled but that is not the case here in Ireland. 

This is why we have come up with many fun ways to get team recycling to save our planet!

  • Painting our own office bins: It's no secret, we love the colour yellow - so we have spray painted our recycle bin to our own yellow to help them stand out more.
  • Nominated a Recycling Warden: In order for others to learn, there needs to be a master watching out for us all - we nominate a Green Master to help with our yellow novices. 
  • Games & Prizes: We will have regular games and prizes to make sure we all know what goes where &  that we don't compromise the integrity of any waste management bins.

  • All Electricals Off at Night 

​It's not a groundbreaking idea but it will certainly make a difference to our carbon footprint. We urge those at home and in the office to always unplug and switch off - because standby mode might save you time but it won't save you money. 

Leaving an item on standby mode (a TV) meant the appliance was still using 12 Watts, thankfully thanks to new European legislation, all new appliances, when left on standby, can use 1 Watt of energy. You are making a saving but why pay for something that you are not even using? 

According to a study completed by the Energy Saving Trust, between 9-16% of electricity consumed in the home is from appliances being left on standby - this could equate to spending €60+ being spent for no reason per bill.

  • Bye Bye Air Conditioner

This will probably be the hardest one to get used to for us as many of those in the office prefer to work in a furnace. 

This year we will dress smarter and work harder on fighting climate change. It will hurt no one if we wear 3 layers or 1 layer -  the thermostat wouldn't need to be used at all. 

If you think about it, we are helping the environment, saving money and protecting ourselves against the uncleanliness that is the air conditioner. 

There is it, our 2020 new years resolution! It's something we are proud to work on and hope with this article that we have inspired others to follow suit. 

If you would like to start getting your office to go green and need a helping hand, please feel free to contact us today.