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What's Your Offline Recruitment Strategy for 2020?

Offline Recruitment Strategy
Finding top international talent can be rough, there is the compiling of relevant ''keywords'' and ''search terms'' to in order to compose the most attractive job description for both the candidate and the search engine. Not forgetting the palaver of distributing it to all of your online sources (Your own website, job boards, social media and email campaigns).
ll worthy steps to take when working in recruitment, however, what DHI Hiring Indicators have found is interesting; that an average of 28 days’ worth of productivity is lost while a job sits open online without any possible follow up or engagement. 
Now the majority cannot allow much time to lapse and need to hire with more gusto, specifically if you are in the shared service business or possibly BPO. 
This is why we strongly believe in investing in an offline recruitment strategy for the forthcoming year in order to stay in direct competition with other employers out there with bigger pockets for online recruitment activity. 

Here are our 4 Hot Tips for a Winning Offline Recruitment Strategy for 2020: 

  • Engage your Networks 

Many companies generally underutilise their referral network. Some of their staff are not even aware of what the internal program offers them. 
Especially when you see that referrals are one of the leading sourceS for quality candidates as career builders study suggests with 82% of employers, rate staff referrals above all other sources for generating the best ROI. 
  • Hosting Events 

Events are the perfect place to rub elbows with potential hires, you meet them in a more relaxed setting, can discuss openly in the informal ambience. 
The only thing you need to remember is the limited time and volume of possible attendees. 
Here is where some action before each event comes in handy 
Looking into the sea of names – research them and pick the ‘’must speak to name’’ in order to get the very best from the night 
Try to establish a meaningful connection and of the possible hire seems of interest, always schedule a follow-up – whether it be a coffee, a formal interview or simply, a call. Don’t lose the connection. 
  • Invest in Interns

There is the ongoing joke that interns make the coffee, copy documents and are generally the whipping boy/girl for the office & their bidding. 
However, when you look into it, it is one of the most cost-effective ways of onboarding and if you were truly going to invest in interns you would be able to see their full potential before committing to a full-time contract. 
  • Sporting Events & National Holidays 

This is a particular gem for those looking for hard skills to accompany a language requirement. Knowing where all the main sports fans would go for a national game or a national holiday from their home country is half the battle – next is getting in the door and getting your name in their face. 
Here is a great opportunity to apply the networking event method where you try to gain a genuine connection and start a chat with the group of multilingual speakers you wish to possible pull a hire out of. 
If all else fails – it’s time to put your money where your mouth is – sponsoring events such as ‘’Kings day’’ for the Dutch or paying for a round of drinks for all German-speaking ‘’Bayern Munich’’  fans is another way – just make sure both parties get something out of this arrangement – for a free drink they need to register online with their cv or give you their contact details etc. 
It can be a tricky one to pull off, but it can also be a winning way to recruit offline. 
There you have it – 4 of the best ways we know how to recruit offline – there are more out there but we can’t go giving our winning recipe away now, can we? 
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