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9 Marketing Recruitment Tools Every Recruiter Needs

9 recruitment marketing tools

                                                      Recruitment is Marketing! 

A statement, I’m sure you are hearing more and more. It’s a cohesive relationship between the two. While Marketing works on the pre-applicant stage of recruitment, i.e. candidate attraction, engagement and prompting conversion. Recruitment then deals with the post-applicant process or screening, interview preparation, account management and trial closing - ultimately leading in incoming revenue to fuel marketing activities, and the cycle continues. 

As the two sectors depend on one another in today’s world the lines can become slightly blurred. It’s certainly not a bad thing because without these blurred lines we wouldn’t have these 9 amazing Recruitment Marketing Tools (Most of which are free to use).  

9 Recruitment Marketing Tools:

Searching through LinkedIn and you have come across the perfect profile for your latest job, but this person doesn’t answer your InMail and you can’t any direct contact information available. Enter Lusha! a nifty little tool that scours the world wide web for contact information this particular person may have left behind, and you could receive an email and/or phone number as a result. Of course, it can happen that no results will return so be warned. 

This is a paid tool but, if you are a patient person you can have 5 free credits every month.

You’ve heard of Ghosting right? In the recruitment world, it is a pain we all experience from time to time. Streak, isn’t the cure but it can help - Streak is a free email tracking app that sends a push notification to you each time the receiver opens the email and forwards the email. It can certainly help to know when a call has a better chance of being answered.

A free and amazing online appointment scheduling system. It's the simplest way to help you schedule calls and meetings both in and outside the office. Stop with the pesky back and forth of emails & join calendly, it integrates nicely with Google calendar. 

The lead and connection builder for LinkedIn that is now taking automation to the next level. You can create filters, groups lists, mass mail and connect with a number of potential candidates in a matter of minutes without the hassle of finding and clicking on each profile individually. 

Machine Sourcer currently offers 1-month free trial but then you will be asked to pay. Try it out & see what you think.

For those of us who are familiar with Microsoft Office email, you will know that you could mark certain emails as important, which was great should you need to draw in the attention of the reader. For Gmail, this handy tool is not offered up in the package deal. Not to worry though, there is a great Chrome Extension at hand that allows you to mark specific emails as important.

Is a scheduling tool that is great whether it be on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. It’s a busy world we live and work in and when something like Hootsuite comes along with a helping hand, we certainly aren’t going to turn it down.
This is great for the recruiter who had big plans for a great post about a job they just got in but then couldn't because they got stuck on a call. Hootsuite can help with this -  schedule it on Monday or in the morning and tell it when you want it published and where. You company branding, social media activity - schedule and automated in a few simple clicks. 

 This is the bread and butter of campaign monitoring right here. Google URL builder is a free tool that allows you to easily add campaign parameters to your URL. Meaning that you can track each campaign with your Google Analytics to measure its overall success or failure. 

Although this Free app may look set for 5 years old to play with, ‘’Don’t judge a book by it’s overcomes to mind here’’ Word clouds are incredibly helpful when it comes to keyword density in your content - it helps you stay focused and keep on point for your reader as well as Google botts.

The easiest way to add some flair to your online postings when engaging with passive candidates on social networks. A picture says a thousand words so that you don't have to. 

Of course, if you are in the need of a helping hand on either front (recruitment and/or marketing) - please feel free to call Herbert on +353 15 24 24 20 or reach out to us here.