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Fall in Love With Your New City Abroad

Fall in love with your new city abroad

Let's face it, whether you are moving desks in the office, changing homes or even your geographical location, things can become and little daunting & overwhelming at first. Of course, there is nothing wrong with feeling this way. We simply don't want you to miss out on what is happening around you. 

So, taking tips from our own personal circumstances (we've all made the move to work abroad), we'd love to help you fall in love with your new city abroad just like we did with Dublin, Ireland. 

Below you will see 5 of our top tips on helping you settle in and fall in love with your new city, whether it be Dublin, London, Berlin, Athens etc. 

Become a Yes Man/Woman

                                   ''Great things never came from comfort zones''                         

                                                                                           BE BOLD!

You've already been badass and moved abroad. Why stop there? 

It's time to build your own network, dive into your new job and fall in love with your new city. If your new colleagues invite you for a drink, to join the soccer club or simply out for a coffee - Say YES! 
If your roommate/neighbour is having a party and has invited you - Say YES!
If the cute Guy/Girl asks you out for a pizza and a beer (and you are not currently in a relationship) - Say YES!
You get what we mean. 

Diving in & opening yourself up to new experiences will have you falling in love with your new city & your surroundings in no time. 

Let Yourself Get Lost - Explore! 

                   ''Getting lost is just another way of saying going exploring''

Getting lost isn't necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, it's when we find those hidden gems. Gems such as the best coffee in a small corner shop, a little boutique that sells your perfect style or possibly even a view that not many are aware of.

Getting lost can help you find yourself, a love for the city you now live & some amazing gems to share with your new friends. 

Join Groups/Make Friends

   ''Friends are the people who make you smile brighter, laugh louder & live better''

We don't realise how important it is having someone in our lives that we can confide in, laugh with or cry hysterically on until we don't have them anymore. 

Find those that share the same interests as you is important, you can build your personal network and share many experiences with. So, join the local clubs (book/football/painting) whatever you are into in order to get closer to some & make friends with others. 

Give Yourself Time 

                           ''Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep Going''

Have you ever gone shopping and bought yourself something flashy and extravagant? As you were leaving the store did you feel guilty and start to wonder whether you should have bought it or not? That's buyers remorse and it happens. Most of us generally ignore it and really enjoy whatever it was we bought. 

Well, the same can be said about possibly going abroad, some may get off the plane or open the door to their new apartment and think ''Crap what have I done''. We all do it and you know what, we all get over it and forget we even felt like this.

Of course, it's all-new, you don't know many people here yet but the important word there is ''yet''. You need to give yourself time. Time is the healer of all things and in time (whether it's 1 month or 12). Give yourself and your new city a chance before you call it quits. You'll be glad you did - we certainly are!

There's No Place like Home

         ''The world, we'd discovered, doesn't love you like your family loves you''

To avoid feelings such as homesickness - it's always a good idea to check in your family and friends back home. They miss you just as much as you miss them. Fill them in on your adventures abroad, your new job, the exciting places you can take them when they come to visit. 

While making your new friends and support network abroad, don't forget your first one back home!. 


There you have it - 5 of our top tips on how to help with the settling in abroad & how many of us here at Careertrotter fell in love with our new city - Dublin!