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Finding Love Abroad

Finding Love Abroad

                                                Who says you can't have it all? 

Why can't you grow and develop your career in a city of your choosing? Make new friends, experience different cultures and dare we say it, find love? 

You never know, you may even find the love of your life. Many of us here at Careertrotter are speaking from experience. 
Recent figures from a Eurostat study show that 4% of EU citizens are currently living and working abroad and to be fair its no surprise, especially when you consider the many benefits. 

Going Abroad Gives you ''Sex Appeal''

As a non-national, you will generally stand out pretty quickly. There is the novelty of your accent, the locals will want to hear how you pronounce their everyday words (yes it's a thing). 
You can bring new traditions, stories and share your cultural norms (they will ask).

In no time, you will have made a new circle of friends & possibly meet someone special along the way. 
Falling in love with a local or another ex-pat in a new city is actually a great way to learn a new language, learn how to get around and find the best hot-spots - especially since they will/would be your new tour guide.

Endless Love

Our own CEO, Herbert, initially came to Ireland for 6 months but love got in the way when he met his now-wife and is living here for over 10 years. 

Our Dutch speaking Digital Marketing Associate, Rebecca met her Brazillian Portuguese Husband in the iconic Temple Bar here in Dublin.
Our Team lead, Celine met a local Irishman just like the vast majority of the rest of our teammates and are now madly in love. 

Love know's no boundaries & it can be just around the corner. So if you are ready to kick start your adventure abroad & possibly find your love abroad too - Register with us today or pop us a call on +353 15 24 24 20