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How to Court Your Candidate

How to court your candidate

                              ''Love is in the air, everywhere we look around''

It's the week that's in it - Paper cupids everywhere, aiming their arrows towards you, chocolate hearts and flowers blooming to celebrate the month of love. 
It's hard not to get swept up in it all, to hope that your other half has thought of you, a card, flowers, dinner etc. 

We are all a little caught up in the swing of things here too and it has got us talking about relationships, particularly in the beginning (the honeymoon phase). How happy one person makes another and the thrilling feeling in the pit of your stomach. 

The same is true with recruitment, believe it or not. Each relationship whether it's personal or professional has its beginning/honeymoon phase and if both parties don't make each other happy, the relationship comes to its end. This again can be said for the relationship between candidate and recruiter. 

With some relationships, it comes easy - you invite them for an interview, you both like each other, you offer them the job and they accept. Happy Days! 

However, there are those who like to be courted, to be wooed. 

                                                    ''The Thrill is in the Chase'' 

And if you don't play the chase just right, you will more than likely lose the candidate.  Here's what we mean: 

With international recruitment, you are dealing with different personalities and integrating with various cultural norms. Hiring Irish people is generally a breeze - have a great interview, offer the job and done.
However, when dealing with multilingual candidates such as German-speakers who are used to a much longer recruitment process, you need to be able to adjust and adapt your recruitment style towards them if you hope to attract, court and place them with you. 

We once had a German-speaking candidate who rejected a job offer because they felt that the process was far too short and that the company interviewing them did not take them seriously. 

From this, we have learned that particular cultures appreciate the chase, that they prefer to be courted and chased so we have advised and guided clients through this. Recommending a mock interview to extend the process, a follow-up call here and there or even to delay feedback for a day or two. 

When it comes to international recruitment, we all have to be ready to adapt to the market we are chasing. You don't need to change company procedure, of course, just keep in mind the subtleties that specific cultures would engage with positively in order to get the right talent working for you. Head our advice & court your candidates. 

Unsure of how to? Feel free to pop us a call on +353 15 24 24 20  for an informal chat on how to attract and court your ideal candidates.