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Careertrotter & The COVID-19 Update

Careertrotter & the Covid19 update

Dear Client, 

As I am sure you are fully aware, there is plenty of uncertainty and fear surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak and while I am also sure that you have taken the necessary precautions, you too are worried about what implications this may have for your business and revenue streams for the coming months and/or the rest of the year. 

I am afraid to say that I cannot help you with that, but I am here to inform and reassure you on just how Careertrotter is here to help & guide you and your international onboarding & recruitment efforts through this uncertain time. 

We have always been a company focused on quality over quantity, the personal approach and the relationship built with both candidates and clients. We are ever ready to adjust and tailor our service to your needs should they arise. 
Below are a number of points we would like to point out to you in advance to any further global changes to take place with regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

  • Our service to you will not change - our hours possibly could:

With the vast majority of our team going home to family members (young & old) and flatmates, there can be issues with specific times of work for some. I am certainly aware that this could be the case for you and your team as well.
It is because of this that I promise to deliver and ask for in return the patience & understanding from one another and that when it comes to communication that we are 100% clear on the needs, priorities and processes both parties will be undertaking so not to lose time. 

  • Video & the recruitment star:

Video interviews are becoming more and more popular in the last year or two. Right now, they are a necessity for those still looking to board and recruit internationally in order to avoid unnecessary travel. 
I would like you to know that we are prepared for this and will guide and recommend candidates accordingly to your process with regards to video interviews. 


  • Proactive working & Local Candidates: 

We have always been known for sourcing and recruiting the hard to find languages from abroad and bringing them to your doorstep. Now, we will be turning to both our active and passive local candidates for those of your with urgent needs. 
Please be aware that our team has been advised to get proactive and this means that you may receive CV’s from us on candidates that you have hired before that may now be in urgent need of a job. These are challenging times we all need to be able to help one another where we can. 
Therefore, should you need to let staff go, please let us know, we are readily available to speak with them, offer them cv and career advice and if possible, introduce them to our other clients or various other companies who are hiring for free should we need to. 

  • Keeping Clear & Concise:

I would like to request that you be extremely clear on what it is you need and have an official sign-off on, what is urgent, nice to have and not critical with regards to onboarding and recruitment. 
We will help as much as we can, however, we have to put food on the table and in recruitment -  placing candidates and billing clients to a minimum level is how we can do so. Should matters negatively progress, we will begin in working solely on a retained basis in order to keep business for Careertrotter running smoothly. 
It is crucial to be clear with regards to the onboarding process. Are you capable of onboarding people remotely, possibly in the country?, If you expect challenges what are they?
Please let your Careertrotter Account Manager know this  and we can work closely with you to uncover possible opportunities and tap into a wider network of agencies and clients in order to help you find a solution.

  • Staying Safe & Sensible: 

Let’s all focus on stopping the spread of the virus, we are responsible for our own actions. Let’s focus on keeping our environment clean and safe to live & work in. 

  • Cover your mouth with a tissue when coughing and/or sneezing
  • Throw the tissue away immediately 
  • Wash and/or sanitize your hand afterwards. 
  • Keep a safe distance from others so as not to spread any unwanted germs 
  • Disinfect door handles regularly 
  • Cold/Flu etiquette - acting as you have & taking the necessary precautions is just as important.

Warm regards, 
Herbert Croezen
CEO & Founder 

  • Phone: 00353 15 24 24 20 
  • Email:
  • Calendly: Herbert Croezen