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St. Patrick's Day - The Irish Experience Abroad

St. Patrick's Day - The Irish Experience Abroad

** We know with the current issues surrounding the coronavirus that all parades and gatherings have been cancelled but we thought we share what happens in a number of cities across the globe when times arent as worrying**

                                      It's no secret, us Irish are beloved in many cities across the globe.
If we're not cleaning up after ourselves in France during the Euro's, we're heading over and/or extending our visas to help the bushfire recovery in Australia or we are simply offering helpful advice and directions to visiting ex-pats here in Ireland. So, it's no wonder that Big 7 travel has voted Irelands Dublin and Cork to be in their top 50 of the friendliest cities in the world. 

We Irish are known for many things, whether it be Guinness, the GAA, for being fond of a drink and having the craic and of course for our patron saint - St. Patrick (Paddy NOT Patty). 

The Irish culture and its people are worldwide and beloved that St. Patricks day has become international and so big that other cities celebrate the day in their own way too. 

  • ST. Patricks Day in Ireland

The day is mainly here to celebrate St. Patrick and the arrival of Christianity to Ireland as well as celebrating our heritage and culture as a whole. Generally what happens on St. Patricks day is fun-filled parades, festivals, craft stalls, parties and céilís filled with smiles and excitement while trying your best to wear green or something that resembles the Irish flag. 
Preparation for St. Patricks Day starts months in advance, groups from all over the world want to join in in the big Dublin Paddy's Parade.

We have BBQ's, drinks and sweets just to add to the festivities. The great thing is, everything isn't just in Dublin - many towns and villages across the country celebrate in their own unique way. No matter where you are, you will never be bored. 

Interested in being here for your very own Paddy's day parade? Check out our Jobs here in Ireland.

  • St. Patricks Day in Berlin 

Berlin joins the ''Global Greening'' when they turn their TV Tower and their Funkturmin green for the big day. 
Many Berliners & Irish people gather together to celebrate and enjoy St. Paddy's in the many Irish pubs dotted around Berlin. You don't need to be in the green isle to enjoy one of our biggest days, so if Berlin is for you, check out what we have on offer.

  • St. Patricks Day in Krakow

With such strong ties that the Polish and Irish have, Poland has Festiwal Świętego Patryka0 which gets bigger and bigger each year. 
We love to see that the Polish light the Father Bernatets Bridge green for the day and to hear that alongside the Festiwal they host an amazing Irish Ball that helps raise money for many Polish charities. Interested in celebrating at the Ball too? Check out our jobs in Krakow.

  • St. Patricks Day in London 

London is neighbour to the Irish and to join in on the global greening they turn their London Eye green. On top of this, those in London have craft stalls, parades, dancing competitions and markets to celebrate St. Paddy's Day.  Interested in working in London? 

Whether you want to live and work in Ireland or you would prefer to celebrate St. Patricks Day in another amazing city - We're here for you. Talk to us today

Until then, Happy St. Patricks Day Folks -  Have a great day!