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Andrei Copacel

International Recruitment Consultant

A Quick Interview With:


 I was born and raised in a beautiful Romanian town called Onesti. After completing high school I decided to move to Bucharest where, while studying Engineering and IT Technology I was employed in the rent-a-car industry. This was a period with great memories but then at 15:30 pm on September 15th came around and I was on a plane that took me from Bucharest towards Dublin. Together with my future wife we decided to pursue our careers in Ireland. We are still here now and definitely proud of our decision. Therefore, don't be afraid to find a job abroad!

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Why do I like working at Careertrotter?

Look at us! Young, fun, energetic. Careertrotter is definitely a place where I enjoy working. I have been able to learn lots of new things and it is where I`m having great moments. Not to mention that although I studied IT and I was kind of seeing my self an engineer, due to Careertrotter I don't want to leave recruitment anymore.

By the way, since we are so cool, why not contact us to ask for your new job abroad? 

My Interests

I've always had a passion for computers and technology. In my free time I like to play football or tennis. Sometimes watching a good football match with friends will definitely do the job. For sunny weekends, small city breaks is something that I really enjoy.

One of my secret interests is sport cars…still looking forward to buy that Ferrari...

Goals for the next 2 years

Careertrotter is growing so I am doing the same. For the next 2 years I`m planning to became a Senior Recruiter and in a long run specialize in IT recruitment.

Ask me about

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any questions, doubts or concerns that you might have about relocating abroad. Been there, done that.

Have you seen a job online that you might be interested in and you would like to know more…Nothing easier than calling 00353 15 24 24 20 and ask for Andrei, or you can reach me at . I`ll be more than happy to get in touch with you.

Are you currently studying or simply looking to gain some valuable experience? If so, did you know that we offer internships in HR, Marketing and Sales? Get in touch with me today if you'd like to know more.