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Anneloes Wilkens-Geerdink

International Recruitment Consultant

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Born in Lochem, Eastern Netherlands, I grew up in Leiden. After secondary school I followed my brothers and sister when they made the move to Amsterdam. I started studying Pedagogics, to help and support children and families, this has always been a passion of mine. During my studies I got the chance to see more of the world and was accepted for an internship for 6 months in South-Africa, it was an amazing experience. After graduation I started working in Residential Youth Care, with girls from 12 – 18 years who couldn’t live at home anymore and I had to coach and prepare them to return to society. It was a job in which I personally and professionally grew a lot, it I won’t deny it was a hard job but definitely rewarding. That made me decide after 2.5 years to start working as a coordinator in placements in the Residential Care.

During the summer of 2014 my boyfriend received a job offer in Dublin, so with the dream to explore more of the world we decided to leave Amsterdam for Dublin. I don’t regret a second of it. In October 2014 I made the move abroad and started working in Child Care in Dublin, this experience gave me the time to settle in Ireland and it helped me settle in and get accustomed to the Irish culture.

Then I found Herbert, I was looking for a new challenge and here I am today in Careertrotter, part of an amazing team and one of the International Recruitment Consultants in the best recruitment agencies in Dublin, Careertrotter!

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Why I like working at Careertrotter

As soon as you walk into the office of Careertrotter I feel the energy and hear my colleagues talking with candidates from around the world. We are an International Recruitment Agency with our own International Recruiters, during the day you hear many languages. It was clear from day 1 that my fellow colleagues work really hard, emailing and calling the whole day, helping candidates, really listening to them and making clients happy in delivering quality. The only thing I thought was “This is what I want”.

Main Interests outside of Careertrotter

In my free time I love to cook, during the weekend I enjoy having friends over, making dinner where everyone can relax and unwind. Of course we also go out and explore the city, finding amazing new restaurants and fun places to go for drinks. Besides being a big fan of good food and drink, I love to work out in the gym and be outside in with nature. As a Dutchie I love to bike and in Dublin you can make nice trips to the sea side or the mountains. Ireland shows me every time their beauty, and to be honest this is something I didn’t expect, but Ireland truly is beautiful. Adventure is what I love, whether it be in Ireland or somewhere else in the world.

I have seen a lot, but I am not even halfway through my wish list, and my bucket list for Ireland: learning golf, sailing, surfing and make a bike trip around the country (if it’s not raining..)

Goals for the next two years

Starting in the recruiting business, it’s for me and it is a big challenge and I am happy that Careertrotter have given me this chance. As I started working in this growing company, I would like to help Careertrotter grow and grow myself professionally as a Recruiter. Of course I would like to make many placements, to give you as a candidate the experience abroad as well. So do you want to start working abroad as well? - let me help you!

Ask me about

You can contact me regarding all our language jobs across Europe. I can communicate in English and Dutch. 

Phone: +35315242420

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