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Céline Ferhani

International Lead Recruitment Consultant

A Quick Interview with:


Bonjour, Céline is my name I am from the beautiful city of Paris, France. I grew up and studied there, but I felt that I wanted something more, and when the opportunity to work abroad came around, I jumped at the chance to go. First I lived in Spain for a year during my studies and achieved a BA in Spanish and HR, soon after that I started working in recruitment and have enjoyed it since 2010.

The opportunity to come to Ireland presented itself when a friend of mine was starting up her very own business and she needed my help. That was in 2013 and I’ve been here ever since and I love it.

Careertrotter found me when a past recruiter saw that I was looking for a job in recruitment and now here I am.

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Why I like working at Careertrotter

I love working here because it is truly a multicultural environment, with a great energy around it and the opportunity to help people make that step of moving and working abroad for a job they would really enjoy working in and in a country that excites them.  Oh and of course I love my colleagues, I can’t tell you any favourites, because that would just get me in trouble.


I’ve always had a strong interest in languages, being able to speak more than one language is fun and exciting especially since it has gotten me where I am today as I am in the middle of my professional adventure abroad. I love cats, I think it’s because of their independent nature, lastly I would also like to go back to college and maybe to study psychology.

Goals for the next 2 years

For the next 2 years I look forward to making many placements so that language speakers like yourselves can get the chance to experience the thrill of living somewhere new. I would love it if I was to be promoted to senior recruiter.

 Ask me about

If you are curious or have spotted a job that you like the look of, why not pop me a call or send me an email? I’ve been through the entire process of moving and working abroad so I know all the trick and tips that could help you. I specialise in French and Spanish speaking jobs abroad so please do not hesitate to contact me

Simply call 00353 15 24 24 20 and ask for Céline

Email: cè

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