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Herbert Croezen

Careertrotter CEO

A Quick Interview:

Herbert Croezen
Careertrotter CEO


I moved to Ireland from my Dutch home in 2002. I always wanted to gain international work experience and work abroad. Before coming to Dublin I studied Retail Management in Leeuwarden. One morning I was handed a free newspaper and I looked through the jobs section – there was a job in Ireland that caught my eye and the rest, as they say, is history. Five days after my graduation I started working on the Emerald Isle as a Dutch Reservations Agent with Hertz and after that I discovered that recruitment is my passion that I want to go for. I feel absolutely comfortable being my own boss and a recruiter at the same, so that I created Careertrotter to be a multilingual company that is different from others and here we are! Don't forget to check out my Blogs while you're here.

Main interests outside Careertrotter

Since arriving in Ireland I've fallen in love with two things, rugby and my wife Caroline, in that order. I play rugby, am an avid Leinster supporter and enjoy the social aspect associated with that set-up. When I'm not doing that I try to spend as much time as possible with my Irish other half as she's the reason I'm loving life and work in Ireland.

Goals for the next 2 years

Growing the company is where I'm at currently – by the end of 2017 I hope to have 18-20 multilingual recruiters on board and to have established Careertrotter as a major player in the market.

Ask me about

You can contact me regarding all our language jobs across Europe. I can communicate in English, Dutch and a little in German. I am also happy to answer your questions about rugby and life and work in Ireland and in the Netherlands.

Phone: +35315242420

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