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Kellie Anne Molloy

Marketing Manager

A Quick Interview With:

Kellie Anne Molloy

Marketing Manager


Born and bred in Ireland and the only experience I’ve had with moving was to a different county within Ireland. I’m what the Irish folks call a country bumpkin, who now works in the big smoke that is Dublin. I have recently finished 4 years of a Marketing degree and have just recieved my degree (many celebrations). In my third year of college I was looking for a chance to gain some experience in the field of Marketing and I found Careertrotter through a friend, she told me about her time here and made it sound amazing. I applied for the internship got it for 3 months, and loved it so much I came back for more and luckily there was a bit of Summer work for me, now here I am, Careertrotter’s full time Marketing Manager. Don't forget to check out my Blogs while you are here.

What I like about working at Careertrotter

I like working here simply because Careertrotter has given me the chance to grow, both professionally and personally. I have been trusted with so many jobs and tasks that have allowed me to tie in my quirky and creative side, which is mainly why I got into marketing, it’s like the fun side of business. The gang here are so kind and friendly and when we all get together you can hear the laughs from miles around. I love working here and can’t wait to see what the future holds.


I like to paint and sketch in my spare time, I always used to do it after I finished exams in college because it helped me relax. When I’m not doodling or attempting to sing, I love hanging out with boyfriend who is just as mad as me, or have movie nights with my family as we are all Disney fans.

Goals for the next 2 years

For the next 2 years I am aiming on helping Careertrotter expand as a company, and build the brand, so that when you think about working abroad or are looking for language jobs, Careertrotter is the first name to come to mind.

Ask me about

I may not have the recruiting experience that the guys have but if you need any help in regards to marketing or getting in touch with the guys here in the office you can reach me on:

Phone:                 +35315242420, ask for Kellie

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