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Maria O'Brien

Careertrotter Marketing Intern

A Quick Interview with:

Maria O'Brien

Marketing Associate 


"When I die Dublin will be written on my heart" - James Joyce 

Although I do not plan on shuffling off this mortal coil anytime soon, I relate very well to this great Irish writer's words. I am a Dublin girl through and through. However, this does not stop me enjoying traveling. After school I travelled through Europe via the inter-rail, stopping at Nice, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin along the way. I loved it so much that I've since traveled to parts of Spain, Greece and Italy. I also enjoyed working abroad in the USA, or 'Murica as I came to know it as. 

As my reference to James Joyce has already let slip, I have a love of English Literature and studied this along with Business in NUI Maynooth. After this I topped off my degree with an M.Phil in Trinity College Dublin and, just to really make sure I had got my fill of the Irish education system, I went ahead and completed a Diploma in Digital Marketing and Social Media. I am delighted to be working with a fantastic company such as Careertrotter because no matter the amount of fancy paper, real hands on experience always comes up trumps. 

What I like about Working With Careertrotter

Careertrotter is giving me an invaluable opportunity to grow in my chosen career - working in Digital Marketing. The fast-paced, ever shifting world that is digital marketing captured my imagination from the get go. Being able to work in a recruitment agency that specializes in the exciting field of helping people live their dream of working abroad is a huge bonus because I can relate to anyone who wishes to explore this world of ours.


Since primary school my hobby has been writing in my spare time. That satisfied feeling of having pieced together a well-written story has never left me. I suppose that is why I enjoy my job working in Digital Marketing as it demands me to think creatively about content in many different formats. Apart from sitting at a computer naval gazing at my own "grand" thoughts, I also enjoy watching the most recent Tarantino movies, bopping about at gigs, munching in new, quirky restaurants and, of course, travelling abroad. 

Goals for the next 2 years

In the next two years I plan on gaining as much experience in Digital Marketing as possible, carve out my career path in this exciting industry and specialize in my chosen area. Phew!

Although I do not have experience in recruiting, I would be delighted to hear from you if you're wondering what it is like working with Careertrotter or have some burning questions about getting started in digital marketing.

Ask About Me

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