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Maria Sandru

International Recruitment Consultant

A Quick Interview With:

Maria Sandru

Internatinal Recruitment Consultant 


I am originally from Romania, born in a lovely town right in the heart of Transylvania where I have been most of life. I studied English from an early age and I have always found languages really interesting. 
It was because of that that I decided to study English and French in University along with some teaching modules and since then  have always wanted to work abroad in an English speaking Country.

A great opportunity for me was that my parents had decided to live and work in Ireland just before I went to college - thanks to them they helped me get a step closer to living in an English speaking country.

After graduating and visiting Ireland twice before, I decided that it was my time to go abroad and guess what? I came to Ireland and its like a second home to me know - I am really happy here. 
In terms of working - I started off in a nursing home, where I was responsible for admin and HR tasks, following on from that I worked in Financial Services just before I came to Careertrotter

My goal was always to work in a multinational environment where I could help others find what it was they really wanted to do with their lives. This dream came true when I saw a LinkedIn post on Rike's page that Careertrotter was hiring - I met up with Rike and then Herbert and the rest they say is history because here I am, in this wonderful team.  

What I like about working at Careertrotter

I love a challenge and this is why I wanted to be part of the Careertrotter team. I want to learn and be very good at selecting the best talent, so now I feel like I'm in the right place, with the right people.


Apart from this, when I am not in the office, I love shopping and coffee. Lots of coffee! Also reading, going to a play or simply spending quality time on Netflix would be on my free time list.

Goals for Next 2 years

My plan is to grow in this team and to get to the stage where I can help Careertrotter grow.
I have to say it is quite realistic, because there is a lot of potential here.

I am always here to help and to make it happen for you so if you feel like it is time for a change & your time to go work abroad,  just like I felt when I decided to join this team, please give me a call at 0035315242420, or send me an email at .