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Mitchell Uzeel

International Lead Recruiter

A Quick Interview With:

Mitchell Uzeel
International Lead Recruiter


Born and bred in my home town -Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. After secondary school I studied for three years at the Tilburg University; International & European Law and Organisation Studies. In 2009 I joined the Royal Netherlands Army and attended the Military Academy for 1 year. Working abroad has always been appealing and that’s when I made the step in 2011 to move to the United Kingdom. I started with voluntary work for the United Nations in Wales and continued working in Belfast for Microsoft as a Dutch IT support engineer. During my work I studied part-time at the Queen’s University.

 The world is big and a new exciting job opportunity in multilingual recruitment occurred in 2012. I joined Herbert and Manuela (who is now living with her boyfriend in Norway) in becoming the best recruitment team Ireland has got. To keep myself educated I’m continuing my studies in Business Studies at University College Dublin. 

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Why am I in Germany at the moment?

I have various reasons for being in Germany, one being that my partner has just recently gotten a job here. The other to develop the German market for Careertrotter. My goal is to set up an office in Stuttgart, Germany by September 2016.

What do I like about Germany?

I really like the German culture, they are more direct, more Germanic. I really appreciate that behaviour because after living in the UK for 5 years I noticed my own behaviour changing. As a Dutch speaker its feels good to in a more Germanic environment.

Why I like working at Careertrotter

First of all we have a great team and with a good team, working is always a pleasure. Next to that in our company you’re allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. Under the leadership of Herbert I’ve seen our company grow and develop. I’m proud to be part of Careertrotter because as a recruitment agency we deliver quality. Instead of ringing a candidate and randomly propose jobs we really listen to what someone wants and then propose the jobs that would help them in their career.


I love politics and I am actively involved in it. Visiting unusual/non-touristic places, cities and countries is a passion. To keep myself fit I mainly go to the gym; because it’s easy to combine with work and study, but I’d rather go rowing, diving, horse riding or climbing if I had the time.

Goals for the next 2 years

I want to develop a solid understanding of the German business market and setup an office in Stuttgart by the end of 2016. Nearing the end of 2017 I hope to have a small team of 3 (including myself) in our office and I hope to be released from the burden of Studying come June 2017. 

Ask me about

Of course, if you’d like to know more about working abroad, feel free to call or email me any time. I would be happy to help you in giving your career an international dimension. If you’d like to know a bit more about living in The Netherlands, the UK or Ireland you can also contact me. 

Phone: +35315242420, ask for Mitchell
Google+: Careertrotter on Google+

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