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Vincent Lassleben

Trainee Recruiter (HR & Recruitment Intern)


Vincent here, all the way from the beautiful city of Munich. I am here living and working in Ireland as part of my studies, as I am attending international management at the University of Applied Sciences in Hof. That is why I am here as part of their internship program with Careertrotter.

I am happy I got the chance to get an internship at Careertrotter, as I am honestly considering to work in the HR/ recruitment or Marketing sector after my studies.

Other factors, which spoke in favour of Ireland were the unique Irish lifestyle, the culture and the openminded and friendly people over here. In my opinion it is a crucial experience for young people realizing the opportunity of going, living and working abroad. That’s why I think this internship in Ireland came just at the right moment for me. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity I just couldn't miss out on.

Why I like working at Careertrotter

I really like working here because I get some hands-on actions - I get to know the daily goings on of a recruiter, how a business is run and apply all I know from my studies and training here on a daily basis. You really are a part of the team and you feel extremely valued the minute you walk in the door. 


My passion is football. I always enjoy playing it, but also trying to realize every chance of watching and discussing any football games in a nice atmosphere with some friends. A few years ago, I got addicted to American Football, as well. Since then I am following the NFL, too. In addition, I like to do sports whether it is running or going to the gym.

Ask me about

I’ll give my very best to give you any advice regarding your decision going and living abroad, so don’t hesitate to ask.