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Jobs in Netherlands

The country with more bikes than people!

We’re sure you know there are plenty of bicycles so cycling trips are a great way to tour this country. For the foodies out there, you could always stop at café’s/pop up stands/restaurants for Dutch delicacies like Herring, croquette or the famous Stroopwafel! For the history buff’s there are museums or boat trips to enjoy too!

Public Transport:
Public transport is extremely well organised. There are various options to choose from (if you are not a fan of cycling): the tram, bus, metro or the train. Getting around has never been easier.

The weather here is quite temperate – thanks to the North Sea – meaning there isn’t much fluctuation in overall temperature. Due to this Winter and Summers are quite mild and of course, there is a good amount of rain from time to time (pack an umbrella on the commute to work just in case).

Average Cost of Day-to-day Items:
1 Litre Milk - €.92
A Loaf of Bread - € 1.18
Bottle of Water (1.5 Litre) - € .84
Eggs (12 Regular) - €2.43

Sorry, there are no job available.