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Client Testimonials


''I really enjoyed the proactive and professional work of Careertrotter. The profiles had a very high quality and the candidates were always very well prepared by Careertrotter, so it was easy for me to have very efficient interviews  with very good fitting candidates, due to the great work of Careertrotter''

- Careertrotter Client based in Cologne, Germany

''We very much enjoyed working with Careertrotter.

Herbert and his team were always fast, responsive and provided us with well-qualified candidates.
They helped us to find a great new employee and we look forward to collaboration in the future.''

- Careertrotter Client based near Stuttgart

''Careertrotter’s service is viewed as a very professional one from all of us here in the office, the candidates that are sent across are always of a very strong calibre. The conversion rate from candidates to hires is quite strong for Careertrotter in comparison to other agencies we use.

 What we find with Careertrotter is that their candidates have an excellent understanding of the job that they are interviewing for. They understand the service we offer here and are very good fits for the jobs.

We love the overall service and updates we get from Careertrotter, because we find that other agencies we use don’t listen to us or the way we want to do things or they are constantly on the phone to us for very little reason- this is certainly not the case with Careertrotter.

Overall we believe that if you continue to do what you do, deliver the same service as you always have then we will remain very happy.''

- Careertrotter Client Based in Cork City

''We have started working with Careertrotter and especially with Rike in October 2014 when I was responsible for on-boarding a new international business developing a completely new team. 
From the very beginning I liked Careertrotter's interest in understanding our business and working style which is crucial for finding the right profiles that have a long term perspective in our company. The fact that Careertrotter is even following-up after a candidate has successfully been accepted in order to  get some feedback on how it is going, perfectly shows the aim to learn about the company they are working with.
Moreover the flexibility and internationality of Careertrotter help us to further develop our business while being always very responsive. At any time someone is available from their team making sure that everything is being taken care of.
In conclusion I am very happy about having a recruiting partner that is not only professional giving me always the feeling that everything is on track, but also personal in terms of being always accessible.''

- Careertrotter Client based in Berlin

''I would like to say, also on behalf of our hiring manager, that we enjoyed working with Careertrotter and with Celine in particular. We were impressed by the appropriateness of the profiles of the candidates that you proposed and by the support during the recruitment process. We will work with you again if need arises.''

- Careertrotter Client based in Dublin City Center

''Transparency and professionality were key the values in our cooperation with Careertrotter. Occasionally, when we had difficulties in finding appropriate applicants for some positions, we worked with recruitment agencies and that’s how we came across Careertrotter. Mitchell introduced several candidates to us, which corresponded to our profile requirements and he organised perfectly the coordination of the conversations and the arrival of the candidates. Especially the extensive support during the process was impressive and Mitchell made not only an effort for the assistance of the candidates during the process but also for the support of the successful candidate after the process.''

- Careertrotter Client based in Hamburg

''We highly appreciate the overall service from Careertrotter, the easy processing and their constant availability, if there are any further questions.  Careertrotter is one of our essential partners for our international recruiting process. Working with Careertrotter and with Rike in particular is always a great help when trying to find the perfect candidate for our business. In comparison to other agencies, Careertrotter is focusing more on the quality of potential candidates rather than simple quantity. We are looking forward to continuing our successful cooperation with Careertrotter.''

- Careertrotter Client based in the West of Germany 

‘’ I am very satisfied with our cooperation. I really appreciate all that Careertrotter did in helping us source for our position, it made the recruitment process easier’’

- Careertrotter Client Based in Prague

"Careertrotter have been an excellent resource in enabling us to recruit skilled people and grow our team in Dublin. They ensure they understand each role's responsibilities and requirements and provide us with competitive candidates. Careertrotter have proven themselves to be professional, reliable and helpful when supporting us with our recruitment needs. Their ‘quality over quantity’ approach helps us source quality candidates for our skilled workforce."

- Careertrotter Client Based in Dublin City Centre

''The contact and cooperation with Careertrotter is extremely successful and I would characterize it as very professional. Our Consultant (Mitchell) is always in contact with us and supports us with all our recruitment needs. The candidates sent to us are of quality and are often the ones we choose to hire. The conditions are fair and the overall package with Careertrotter fits. Even with our difficult requirements for candidates, Mitchell works hard to supply the suitable candidates''

- Careertrotter Client Based in Stuttgart 

''I have had successful hires availing of the services from Careertrotter over the last 2 years. They take the time to understand the role requirements; they keep me informed and provide an excellent personal service. I look forward to continuing our partnership''

- Careertrotter Client Based in Dublin           

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