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Travel Agent Alex is Happy with German Customer Service Job in Cork 


Being born and raised here in Ireland I really love it and did not want to leave. Looking for jobs can be tough and as I speak German I could see that there where many great job opportunities for me around the world but I really wanted to stay in Ireland – I love it here.

How Did Careertrotter help you?

Careertrotter did a lot more than other recruiters I have been in contact with. Rike was my personal recruiter and she a good bit of CV information to help me make it as attractive as possible, she called me regularly before and after each stage of the recruitment process to prepare me and to also see how I got on. She sent me these handy emails with great tips for the interview before each stage and when I needed it, she would call me to run through it with me. It was a very personal response I received each time and I felt very well looked after. Honestly it was as if Rike had a personal vested interest in my success, it was a fantastic service!

Careertrotter you get 5 out of 5 stars – I would give you guys a solid 5 stars. Rike constantly went above and beyond for me, it was great.

What do you think about Cork?

Cork is a great city, it’s vibrant and extremely dynamic. There is always something on, it never gets boring here. There is a great perk to living and working here in Cork, it’s big enough for you to stay anonymous but still small enough to make you feel at ease and at home. Cork in my opinion is much more personal than Dublin.

My advice to other Trotters before they go for work abroad?

I would recommend doing your best and embrace the adventure that falls at your feet. I may not have moved abroad but I moved counties within Ireland and uprooting yourself to go somewhere else is still a big deal.

Careertrotter was a huge asset to me in getting this German Customer Service Job in Cork, it felt like another person routing for me and helping me every way they could to help me get the job. This is possibly what can give you the edge over other candidates – so guys go with Careertrotter. 

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