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The Happy Russian Speaking Customer Service Agent - Belfast


Titanic Museum Belfast

Anton originally  from Lithuania, he wanted something new but he was struggling with finding a top language job abroad.

Anton speaks Russian and was looking for something in Customer Service.

Enter Careertrotter!

Why Work Abroad?
I was living in Lithuania and I couldn’t find a job there. The reason I was looking for work abroad was because my English was better than my Lithuanian, as I am from a Russian speaking family I use my Russian more often. 
My previous job was in sales and cold calling, I felt was not enjoyable. So I am thankful that Careertrotter was able to find me a job I could enjoy. I really like how my new job is structured and the management of the company I am working for. My new language job is a customer service one, where I get to speak Russian most of the time, it is usually when I am talking to customers and I speak English when I am with my fellow customer service agents and my friends. 

How did Careertrotter help you? 
Careertrotter's Mitchell  was a great help; he gave me advice and told me how to prepare myself for the interview process. He was the one who was dealing with any questions or troubles I had about getting this job abroad. 
I have already recommended Careertrotter to a number of my friends who want to work abroad because they helped me so much! When my friends are looking for jobs abroad I do tell them to look at the Careertrotter website. I would definitely use Careertrotter again if I decide to work in a different place in Europe or beyond.

What do you think about Belfast?
My opinion about Belfast while working here is that it is such a great experience! The people in Belfast are so friendly and I have a feeling that I have been living here already for a very long time. I like the fact that Belfast is a small city because my apartment is not in the city centre and I am still able to walk to work. Belfast is an affordable city to live in; for example you are able to get a flat for about £200 a month, and I think that's amazing.

My advice to other Trotters before they go for work abroad: 
To save up their money before going abroad, because they would need it especially in the beginning. I would also advise you to practice the most common language in the country because people would rather speak their native language and you will easily integrate if you “jump over” the language barrier.

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