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Tech Savvy Astrid has found German IT Support in Cork City 

Cork City -Live & Work in Cork

​​Why Work Abroad?
I am native Austrian German and German speaker and I wanted to work abroad so I decided to start a new adventure in Asia. I was living here for a few years and thought that it was time to come back to Europe. So one day I was just browsing the web and found Careertrotter, I liked how the website looked and just kept searching their site, when I found an IT support job in Cork, Ireland. I liked the sound of this job so I sent my CV to them.

How did Careertrotter help you?
Careertrotter has helped quite a bit, the day after I sent my CV I received a call from Careertrotter, who was really nice and gave me some more information on 2 possible jobs I would be interested in. I was really listened to and what I want was definitely taken into account - they helped me every step of the way. All the information was sent to me and I then needed to some research on the companies in questions, after a few hours later and after our chat, my first interview was scheduled.  

Within the next few days I sat some online tests for the company and once finished Careertrotter helped me prepare for the Skype interview - She gave me everything I would need for my interview preparation and carried out a mock/practise interview with me just to help me prepare again.  I was well prepared and within a little more than a week after my interview, I received an offer.

Careertrotter you get 5 out of 5 stars as I always felt I was given optimal advice and support.

What do you think about Cork?

Cork is a really nice city, not too big and not too small. It's true what they say about the Irish they are very nice and helpful. Cork itself is already a multicultural city, I was walking around and getting to know the city and I could hear many languages and got the chance to meet new people from around the world which is really interesting. Finding accommodation was a bit tricky because I started work when all of the college and universities were starting back and everyone had their accommodation sorted. But I was lucky because I found this amazing house that I now rent with a few of my colleagues here in Cork. 

My advice to other Trotters before they go to work abroad:

Don't forget your raincoat or your umbrella! & be prepared to take cash with you when you are at a house viewing, this can help if you are looking to buy straight away and don't want to miss out.