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Dirk is living it up in Cork with his Dutch speaking job in B2B Customer Service 

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Why Work Abroad?

As my title suggests I am a Dutch speaker and I was working in Luxemburg when I started to think about new beginnings and new adventures. The idea of working abroad really attracted me because it was a great chance to experience new cultures and meet new people.
I had found Careertrotter online and I sent them an email. It wasn't long after that, that I heard back from them about some great opportunities in Ireland for Dutch speakers.

How did Careertrotter help you? 

It was a great coincidence that the recruiter from Careertrotter was also a Dutch speaker - we spoke with each other in both Dutch and English and it was fun to jump from one language to another, being able to have the option to do so was great it really puts you at ease.
Careertrotter helped me in a very efficient and rewarding way, enabling me to get the I was really interested in here in Cork, Ireland. 

Careertrotter you get 5 out of 5: Definitely 5 - no question about it

What do you think about Cork?

Cork is great, it is full of wonderful and friendly people they are really helpful. Another great point is that there are also a number of other multilingual speakers here too so you get to experience a number of different cultures. Work is great and the company and colleagues I work with have given me a warm welcome. 

Advice for future Trotters: 

The only advice I can give is to work with Careertrotter, be honest, provide them with all the information they need or ask for and you will not be disappointed. 

Thanks again, guys.