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Ilya has found a Great Russian IT Job - Cork


Ilya is a Russian native speaker who grew up in Latvia. After a long time of living and working there he felt it was time for a change and decided Ireland is where he'll look. This is his story.

Why Work abroad?
I am originally from Latvia and I was looking for a new job for about 6 months. I was in contact with many different recruitment agencies in my country but I was not interested in jobs that they had on offer. I was really interested  work abroad and to experience a new culture somewhere else. Additionally, I worked in my previous job for 8 years and I needed a change, I also wanted to earn more money. Now I am working as Russian IT Support Representative in Cork, and I am really happy about it! When working and in my free time, I usually speak either English or Russian; it depends on the people you are with and hanging out with. 

How did Careertrotter help you? 
I posted my CV on one of the international job boards, and then later on Mitchell from Careertrotter got in touch with me. Careertrotter gave me a great advice and was always there for me during the whole application process.

What do you think about Ireland? 
Irish people are extremely friendly, and the landscape is just breath-taking. Ireland is a lovely country to work and live in.

My advice to other Trotters before they go for work abroad: 
When moving abroad don’t be afraid to open up to new people! I know it is hard but it is the only way you will meet new people in the area you are moving too. 
I would recommend Careertrotter to any one of my multilingual friends or family. They helped me to get this job abroad and I would refer to Careertrotter again when I want to move abroad in the future.

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