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Northern Ireland's Dutch Customer Support Agent - Belfast

Dutch Customer Support Representative Belfast

Careertrotter placed Jessie in Belfast and she was very happy to tell us about her experience of living and working abroad in Northern Ireland.​​

Why work abroad?
I decided to go to Belfast to improve my English and to experience a new culture. 
The city is amazing and very diverse because the history and the echo of The Troubles are still present in everyday life. There are lots of different pubs and restaurants that you can enjoy during the weekend. If you like to take it easy for a day, you can always get out of the city and enjoy the beautiful North Irish countryside. Belfast is a great place to work because it is cheap to live and it’s a great dynamic city. 

How did Careertrotter help you?
Careertrotter was very helpful and kind. Their consultants also gave me good advice about going abroad. They made it easier for me to find a multilingual job abroad!

Why a multilingual company? 
I enjoy working in an international company because I meet a lot of people from different backgrounds and you can get a better understanding of different cultures.

My advice to other Trotters before they go to work abroad: 
When you move abroad you have to be positive, open-minded and flexible.